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    Technically, it was at an ecf but I quit a few days in. Ha ha!

    Second job was in med-surg. I still work there casually.

    Third job is my dream job: newborn ICU. Love it!

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    I used to be that nursing student who refused to work nights. But then I realized just how difficult it would be and how many opportunities I would be giving up in order to get a day shift opportunity.

    Pediatrics is a difficult specialty to get into. You would almost certainly be cutting yourself off from it if you refused to work nights (in most of the country, anyway).

    I was offered a bedside position on a day shift unit. However, the organization was a hot mess. Giving day shift positions to new grads is often a red flag that something is amiss. The more desirable jobs will require newbies to put in a minimum of one year on nights before getting onto days.

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    Well I have a date coming up from online. Nervous out of my mind!

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    Quote from KindaBack
    Get an ED job and land yourself a firefighter or a police officer.
    Boom chicka wow wow!

    I love me a firefighter!

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    Quote from Dogen
    You could have met me on okcupid. Are you saying I'm unimpressive?!

    Ah but didn't you know, there is always a gem hidden in the sand...

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    The guys I have come across on okcupid have been very unimpressive, but I am glad it worked out for you.

    I think I need to do a paid website. Eharmony sounds awesome.

    Quote from RosieEm
    I met my husband on OkCupid while working nights, weekends and holidays as well. After we started dating, he would wake me up at 6 pm to bring me dinner (breakfast for me) before going off to my night shift. After he started staying over at my apartment, I would always bring him breakfast from work. It worked out great while we were dating. However, after becoming engaged, he moved in and we both decided it would be best for me to switch to day shift and now I love being able to go to sleep next to my husband every night. It is very much do-able, especially if you do online dating.

    Good luck!

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    Quote from Purple_roses
    NurseGirl I can relate. I found one of my best friends and running buddies through Tinder of all places! We never went on a date and never flirted, but we just really work as friends. It's perfect! The guy I'm dating now I actually met on POF half a year ago. We never dated, simply became friends. And now we're dating (casually).

    Also--this is obvious but I'm just throwing it out there--I don't let guys pick me up from my house. They literally have to know me for months before they find out where exactly I live. Plus, if the date goes bad, you can leave whenever you please.
    I would add not to go to their place either. Just today this guy online invited me to coffee and then gave me the address to his place.

    He seemed quite confused when I told him I wasn't looking for a hookup and he said he wasn't either (then why invite some stranger you've only messaged once over to place???).

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    Quote from Purple_roses
    I know a 35 year old video game addict. His marriage actually failed, and a HUGE part of it was video games. It was almost unreal. He literally would not come home at night because he "lost track of time" with video games at friends' houses. He literally would still be married today if it weren't for his addiction. I still can't really believe it actually.

    So maybe 60? he a billionaire with no heirs and a year away from his death bed?

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    Quote from Purple_roses games are fine. I'll study while a guy is playing them. I'll join too if he doesn't mind losing horribly! But dropping out of college and playing video games all day long? The next move for that guy is in his mom's basement. wouldn't be bad as a hobby but the way these young ones talk about wanting to make videogames their thanks!

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    Quote from Farawyn
    Go a bit older?
    I might have to. But how much? My upper limit is 35.

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    I am extremely introverted but when I do go out, it is with family. I wish I liked drinking and would make things so much easier!

    One trend I have noticed is that so many guys in my age group are into gaming. Nearly every profile I have come across lists videogames as a hobby. Not that there is anything wrong with that but of the ones I've talked to, they all barely work and dropped out of college. As someone who is working two jobs and planning on going to grad school next year, that is a turn off.

    Quote from Farawyn
    Hahhahahahaaaa! No. Not for our Princess.
    Waiting for NOADLS to weigh in with his choices, too.

    My friends met through Match and Zoosk. Match seems to be the most "long term friendly."

    I'm married. I met hubs at in a grocery store.

    Don't people go out anymore? When I worked nights and evenings we went out, nurses, residents, UC, etc. every Friday night. There were hookups galore, a few serious.

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    I met my ex on pof, lol.

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    I have tried okcupid but that is it. I met a boyfriend on another one but that was a long time ago before nursing school.

    What websites did they use?

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    I like being a nurse but the hours make it so hard to meet somebody. I work every other weekend, nights and holidays. It seems as though every nurse I know who is married or in a relationship met their spouses prior to becoming a nurse or on the job (not possible for me). I am not super social and between my ft and prn hospital jobs, I just don't feel like I have time to meet someone especially with night shift.

    I really want to have kids someday too.

    Anyone else have this problem? Any tips?

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    Quote from pmabraham
    Going into nursing as a career change for me. I was in IT for 30 years; with the last 18, I grew to be on top of the field I was in the area in my particular case, switching over to nursing will be a pay cut. As for me, while I do desire a fair wage to be able live on, I'm going into nursing to be a servant to those in need as opposed to getting a raise. I'll be taking a pay cut compared to what I used to make. For me it's about the people I'll be serving, not the money. To be clear I'm not saying that anyone who is upgrading doesn't care about the people they will serve. I just hope it's more for the service and the money.

    Sorry, but I cringe when I hear people put nurses/nursing in the same sentence with serving. No. We are not servants. We are professionals with plenty of responsibility and should be treated as such.

    To the OP, this is my first career. I was a teenager when I pursued nursing, making minimum wage, PT jobs. So it is a pay increase.

    I find that those who go into nursing with the most idealistic views and who have come from relatively cushy, office jobs with great schedules are usually the first ones to get burned.