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    I feel like posts like these are just click baits.

    You can't be serious OP...

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    I went per diem at my med-surg job after just eight months of FT experience, with almost seven of them out of orientation.

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    Do you think employers must accomodate everyone's religious beliefs or just those who share yours?

    Do you think Christians should not be required to work every Sunday?

    Should there be an atheist differential on the weekends?

    Quote from CiaMia
    I have had this conversation multiple times in my own practice with my rabbi, and with a beit din (rabbinical court), and have read extensively on the subject because I am passionate about it. The RN role is vastly different to that of a provider -- and that makes a difference. I was told explicitly NOT to drive but rather was given another solution; you are oversimplifying immensely complex issues that need case by case consideration. ETA- in fact, my own rabbi was not comfortable giving me an answer and had to consult with one of his own before we came to a solution; and even that was with the caveat that it would not be long-term.

    I am deeply involved in both my hospital community AND the Jewish community. Regardless, I am not going to continue a circular exchange here. My original point - that calling the employee in question "unethical" is unfair and unfounded and that we have no idea what the conversation was to begin with - is one I still stand by.

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    I work in a level 3 NICU and we can go weeks without a vent and months without drips. Our census usually consists of feeder-growers, kids on bubble/nasal cannula, NAS babies and the big kids acting up (low blood sugars, etc).

    I wouldn't have a problem with it if I didn't want to become a NNP. I feel like the experience I'm getting isn't enough to prepare for advanced stinks.

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    Some acute care NP programs don't even require experience and some FNP programs require one year of acute care experience. Problem is that experience isn't quantified or standardized. I know many NICU nurses who are going for FNP who have never touched an adult patient in their careers. That is terrifying to me.

    Quote from Dodongo
    Seriously. No FNP programs require RN work experience. None. The only advanced practice nursing specialities that (for the most part) require RN work experience are CRNA (1 year ICU), NNP (1-2 years NICU) and ACNP (1 year ICU).

    Yes, NP school was designed to build on a person's experience as a nurse. However, working as a nurse does not substitute for clinical training as a NP. Carrying out orders is completely different than diagnosing and developing treatment plans.

    Don't even get me started on the "intensity" and difficulty" of NP programs...

    I love how Jules A just threw down!

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    She shouldn't be touching your documentation especially if she wasn't present. That could be seen as falsifying documentation and that is a serious offense.

    I too work in NICU and find many of my coworkers to be catty.

    Don't let it faze you

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    I guess if employers are willing to accommodate Jewish people by giving them Saturdays off, then they must allow all Christians off Sundays. The problem is that when one gets into a 24/7/365 job, the expectation is that one must be willing to work weekends, holidays, etc. People don't stop needing healthcare on Saturdays.

    Similarly, a Jehovah witness must be willing to administer blood comes with the territory.

    Your religious freedom ends when it encroaches on others. And in the OP's case, it does. An employer could be accused of religious discrimination and favoritism which breaks federal law.

    If the nurse can't work Saturdays, she should find a job where working Saturdays aren't required.

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    "Above and beyond"

    That one pisses me off so much. As if keeping people alive and safe and dealing with crazy patients and their family isn't enough.

    Nurses are too busy being run ragged with more patients, tasks and charting on our plates to go "above and beyond." I'll go "above and beyond" when we have adequate staffing, less charting and no stupid tasks that take up more time.

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    On the one hand, I believe that OP should stay out of it. However...

    I think it is absolute BS. Why would someone choose to work in acute care knowing that the job is 24/7...Saturdays included? I think management is SO wrong to accomodate this employee and knowing that OP is getting slammed with four (!) vents, I would be fuming. And not only that, but this person isn't required to work every Sunday AND receives full-time benefits for part-time work? Oh heck no.

    OP's union and HR must be controlled by idiots because this is a law suit waiting to happen on multiple levels. Severely unsafe staffing, blatant favoritism...ridiculous.

    Start looking for another job ASAP.This unit (and facility) is the pits.

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    Quote from Luckyyou
    Right! I do ECMO and take care of our sickest patients and I'm STILL bored. It's the same thing over and over and over again. I'm looking to move into PICU (where I work a big portion of the time anyway) or adult cardiac ICU.
    I have actually thought about PICU. It has to be one of the most challenging specialties to work in and those patients are SICK, not hapless feeder-growers trying to get it together. But...I love my babies.

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    Quote from Luckyyou
    If I stay a NICU nurse for the rest of my career, I will be very disappointed. Can't figure out why people enjoy this specialty so much (been doing it 5+ years) and why every nursing student and their brother want to grow up and be a NICU nurse. Have an interview for something else coming up and can't wait.
    Because they think NICU is all about cuddling babies and changing diapers. They have no idea what it entails.

    I really enjoy my NICU job but I find it very monotonous and repetitive. I don't feel challenged and my skills aren't growing. I am so glad I kept my med-surg job as I feel mentally stimulated and I use way more skills.

    I have many NICU coworkers who are in grad school /graduated to become an FNP and they can't find jobs do to lack of adult experience. I kind of want to yell, "you think you are too good to work as a bedside nurse to adults, why should you be hired to care for them as an APRN?"

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    A nursing assistant who often works as a unit clerk had the nerve to get pissy that she didn't get anything for nurses' week.

    Some people are so entitled.

    Quote from SmilingBluEyes
    I guess I am sorta bent cause they went out of their way to gift our secretaries with flowers and gift cards yet the nurses did not even get a cookie. It really makes one feel a bit unappreciated. I know if I ever make it to management, I will remember this and do better, because like Maya Angelou said, "If you know better, you do better". I may do something as simple as cater in good, hot, fresh food for each shift (NOCs deserves better than dayshift's leftovers). I would rather have that than another water bottle anyhow. And give them time to eat it even if it means I have to cover the floor for each nurse to make it happen.

    Furthermore, Nurses deserve a week of their own. I really dislike the trend whereby Nurses' Week is be blended into "Associates' Week" (what are we, Walmart?), or "Healthcare Providers' week" or "Hospital Week" or whatever. We already have Lab Technicians' Week, Social Workers' Week, Administrative Professionals' Week, Doctors' Day, etc. I don't begrudge those, but when Nurses' Week rolls around, keep it just that. NURSES' WEEK---- and celebrate those who make the hospital or clinic run smoothly and pull it all together.

    After all, nurses get to do a lot of other people's work when no one else will. We get to be lab technicians when blood needs drawing. When tv's don't work, the patients expect us to fix them. When toilets are clogged, we get to go get the plunger and unclog them (yuck). When family members want coffee, in order to get good satisfaction scores, we run and get the dang coffee for them. When we don't have a unit secretary, we do that work, too. And on and on it goes. So yep, I want our week back. Keep it NURSES' WEEK and make it mean something.

    Give nurses the appreciation they deserve, not necessarily with kitschy gifts, but with adequate staffing and honest respect; back us up with doctors and administrators and give us a pat on the back and an earnest thank you for a job well done. And when raises are due, give us our raises; I don't care if the lobby looks like the Hilton. I work hard for my pay and I deserve a raise each year.

    It is NURSES' week. Thank you, Nurses, for all you do.

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    A cute purse and tote bag. And free donuts.

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    So, I will point this out before a mod does, but if you haven't passed your NCLEX, you are not allowed to put RN in your username.

    That being said, it is no wonder why you failed this time around. It has been eight YEARS since you graduated from nursing school.

    I don't know anything regarding Nevada BON's rules, but I would definitely take some refresher nursing courses. I also used Heurst and passed with minimum amt of questions in under 2 hrs. I did numerous NCLEX practice questions using ATI and read the rationales for the questions I missed.

    Best wishes!

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    Aw man, this has been a stressful year for you! Sending you best wishes and a speedy recovery!

    And congrats on your new baby.