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    Quote from heron
    Not only that, but he clearly believes that children deserve to be punished for the sins of their parents.

    Frankly, the whole "welfare queen" excuse for cruelty to low income children was already old when Reagan first told that fairy tale.
    Heron, I do not believe children should bear the punishment for the sins of their parents. I do not know why you would conclude such a think. I'm not sure the parents should even bear punishment for their own sins. The parents were likely victims, too.

    My goal is not necessarily punishment but correction and uplifting each other. Rather, I'd like to see everyone forgive themselves and each other and start living right, making amends where possible - and it is often not really possible in a meaningful way.

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    Quote from Lil Nel
    I am stunned that you equate "free" services with placing a value on "living" children. The two are not related.

    Yes, "free" services are everywhere and available to many people, not just children.

    Placing a value on "living" children means they aren't kept in a home, with "parents" which is clearly unsafe because the state is overwhelmed with caring properly for these children.

    Placing value on "living" children means that no child is forced to live with drug addicted "parents" or "parents" who beat children or otherwise threaten them because the state is overwhelmed with caring for these children.

    Placing a value on "living" children means that aunts, uncles, grandparents, teachers, doctors and nurses report any mistreatment of children. It just isn't good enough to say: We didn't know. Somebody always knows, unless the child is locked in a closet, and usually a parent is aware of what is happening in that case.

    I am stunned by the defense offered.
    You should have clearly communicated from the start what you meant by "placing a value". I think providing free and low cost things are related to caring about and trying to help living children. People do these things because they want to help alleviate want, trying to help kids feel happy and feel good about themselves. To me that says "value".

    I still have no way of knowing what's going on in the homes of strangers, most of whom are hundreds or even thousands of miles away from me. So no, I did not and do not know unless I hear something on the news or from someone else. When issues have come to my attention at work about maltreatment of kids or elders or anyone more or less helpless, I have reported.

    I really don't know what more you expect or want.

    BTW, nothing I say will be good enough for you or correct because you hate me for being a Christian and for believing in God, Heaven, Hell, Salvation through Jesus, and because I don't think it's a good idea to go around burning, suctioning or cutting into pieces, drowning, and stabbing to death helpless pre-born babies who get no say whatsoever in what happens to them inside their mothers' wombs.

    See on youtube Dr. Anthony Levatino.

    The devil's best trick is to deceive you into thinking he doesn't exist and God doesn't exist.

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    Quote from Tenebrae
    Not in this case, this happened in Auckland and I was living at the other end of the country.

    I have however stepped in other circumstances and wouldn't hesitate to do so again.

    One problem I have with our justice system is most offenders will eventually get out of jail. I'm more interested in ensuring these people don't wreck that destruction on someone else when they get out.

    Unfortunately one of the people convicted of her murder has now had several more children taken off her at birth

    Nia lived most of her very short life in utter hell.

    Society can argue that abortion is inhumane.

    What is more inhumane is to put a child in a clothes dryer and turn it on. To kick, punch and slap that child, to kick, punch and body slam that child, put the child on the roof, hang them from the washing line and spin it until the child falls off and then put them back on the washing line and spin it again.
    Where you were at the time of Nia's torture is of no consequence. You knew about it and did nothing, just as you know about the other dozens, scores, hundreds, and thousands of children who are currently being starved, beaten, tortured today all over the world, yet you do nothing.

    Humane, more humane, less humane. It's your fault because you are doing nothing to help these precious children. Distance and ignorance of them and having any other commitments are not excuses. That's what you told me. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. So get busy.

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    Quote from Hollybobs
    Did you have capes? Did you live in hospital accommodation to train? Was it AT ALL like Cherry Ames? (Sorry, I love hearing about how nursing used to be). I also apologise if these questions are relevant about 50 years before the 80's, Cherry is my only insight into American nursing history and I am aware she is fictional .
    I think that was more the 50's and 60's, LOL.

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    Quote from morte
    whether a woman, other than your wife, is pregnant, is NONE. OF. YOUR. BUSINESS. that is all you need to know.
    The issue is societal, cultural. We do not live in a godless vacuum, an immoral universe, as many would have us believe.

    We are going to answer to God for how we live here, for the choices we make. He is merciful and slow to anger, fortunately. Let us turn to Him while there is still time, before we enter His presence upon our death.

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    Quote from heron
    Nope, not an excuse ... you, as a citizen, contribute to the problem by way of defunding services aimed at supporting children at risk. The generally proposed excuse for that is that such services represent an unjustified benefit to the childrens' parents. IOW, punishing the parents is more important than protecting and supporting the children. This is why I don't take the forced pregnancy movement (distinct from pro-life) seriously when they carry on about "reverence for life".
    I have never defunded anything.

    What services are you specifically concerned about?

    I think tubal ligations and vasectomies, even hysterectomies ought to be done at no charge for anyone who wants them - also for those who rape, molest, or commit other sex crimes, those with severe mental illness, and for those on welfare long term who already have a child or children they can't support. That is, they need food stamps, Section 8, Medicaid, or other welfare benefits for more than maybe 5 years and depend on the taxpayers to keep their children alive. Yet, there is always money for acrylic nails, hair stuff, cigarettes, and cell phones.

    I have been on welfare myself, briefly, so don't think I don't have any idea of what that's like or the various reasons for it. Sometimes we all need a helping hand.

    I did not reproduce when I was on welfare and don't see why I, along with millions of other taxpayers, have to pay for other people to have more kids than they can afford financially, physically, mentally, or emotionally - especially now when contraception is so effective that it is almost harder to get pregnant than to prevent it.

    Judge Judy is quite outspoken about this and has great contempt for people who don't work, who get welfare, who are on it long-term for other than medical issues prohibiting them, truly, from working. While she is arrogant, mean, impatient, and disrespectful, she is much smarter and much more accomplished than I am, so I'm in fairly good company.

    Flame away.

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    Quote from heron
    Of course you're allowed to have an opinion. What we don't accept is the proposition that your opinions should rule anyone else's life choices.
    Someone's opinion always rules, whatever the topic.

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    Quote from Tenebrae
    Nia Glassie's five days of hell - NZ Herald

    You are assuming that people don't know what's going on. What is even more scary is the increase in incidents where that people know whats going on and choose not to get involved.
    Speaking for myself and probably for a great majority of others, I have no idea what is happening except via news media. I expect most people don't unless they have children in the schools or are involved in a religious or other group and hear news among their acquaintances there. Or maybe through family or neighbors.

    The story you related is, of course, horrible. But I knew nothing about it, so could not intervene. Did you know and step in?

    My hope is that the perpetrators get the same treatment at the hands of other prisoners, who often mete out some jailhouse justice.

    I believe Nia is now in Heaven, where she is treated like the precious jewel that she truly is.

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    Quote from Lil Nel
    I do have a question Kooky Korky: Have you seriously never noticed that this country places little value on "living" children? But there is a great deal of emphasis placed on the "unborn." Have you thought about why that is?

    I will also leave you the story of the big pro-life politician in PA who was forced to resign last week when it was revealed that he pressured his mistress to have an abortion when faced with a pregnancy scare. Why do you think that happened?
    Living children get free or low cost breakfast and lunch at free public schools, not just on school days but also on weekends.

    They get these during the summer, too, if they go to the free summer camps, not just the school year.

    They might also get after school snacks if they are in post school day care, which is also free or low cost, depending on a family's financial circumstances.

    There are free public libraries, scholarships to college based on finances, probably many other free things and services that I have not thought of just now.

    There are free haircuts, free backpacks, free notebooks, crayons, pens, pencils, and markers, free Kleenex and shoes, free coats for living children.

    These all come from sports teams, civic groups (Moose, Lions, Kiwanis) and other charitable or service organizations.

    There is Medicaid for health care for living children, there is Section 8 housing and there are food stamps for them and their families. There are free or low cost bus passes, eyeglasses, and tickets to pro sports games.

    There are free Christmas gifts from various groups and ministries.

    Some people are foster parents and are thus involved with living children to try to help and nurture them.

    Not everyone has the financial means, the health, the housing, etc. to bring children into our homes, but we are often involved with them in our religious or other organizations.

    Not all of us know personally drug addicts or others with whom to get involved, as you or others suggest.

    As for the Congressman, he showed his hypocrisy. Sometime or another we are all hypocrites.

    By the way - all of the "free" things mentioned above are paid either by taxpayers or by private individuals or private groups.

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    Quote from girlcalledryan
    My grandpa told me once that his doctor said holding in your farts causes diverticulitis.

    Now, I know that is not true, but it's a great defense for being gassy.

    And I don't know what they want me to do. They called his mom, he has no digestive disorders.
    Take Beano and there'll be no gas. LOL


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    I'm glad to see that there are some parents who are glad to get their sick kids from school or keep them home in the first place, and who don't give you guys any grief.

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    Quote from heron
    Once again, you and the OP are welcome to have any opinion that makes sense to you. The issue arises when that opinion is forcibly imposed on another in his/her own home. IE room assignments in ltc based on the OP's idea of gender identity rather than the resident's own. Or forcing a resident to dress according to the OP's notion of gender-appropriate attire rather than how the resident feels comfortable. This law is about way more than just pronouns. It's about emotional abuse.

    The OP is whining about being held accountable if she forces trans residents to re-live - possibly for the rest of their lives - the same distress they experienced before they transitioned. Snowflakes, indeed.
    Ah, now I begin to understand. Thanks for clarifying. No one else bothered. They just immediately jumped on a newcomer for being new and were suspicious of him for who knew what.

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    He deserved firing. So did his Lieutenant, who was only downgraded in rank. Respondeat superior. I think the Lt. should have punished at least as seriously as the officer, who did, after all, only follow the Lt's. orders.

    Sue, Alex, sue.

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    Quote from elkpark
    Hmmm, brand new member, first post. Is there some agenda here we should know about?

    Seems to me that the scenario of an individual who is legally "Andy" but goes by "Amy" would not be that big a deal to sort out with staff, particularly in a long-term care setting, where all the staff become familiar with all the residents (might be a bigger problem in acute care, where staff and clients are coming and going all the time). Since when is identifying individuals by the name they prefer to use heading down a "rabbit hole"?
    At one time, you were new here, too. Is that a crime?

    What agenda are you concerned he might have?

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    Quote from klone
    This exactly. As Elkpark said, it's attitudes such as yours that necessitate this law.
    So here's a guy who comes here asking a simple, honest question and he's getting a lambasting from you and elkpark.

    Is it just human nature to fight over every thing?

    OP, I'm sorry your motives were suspected. I hope you stick around and can get some answers.

    I agree with you that no law would be necessary if there weren't the possibility for trouble to happen. What a mess human nature is.

    How dare anyone have an opinion or experience different than anyone else here?