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    It's frustrating to see all of the titles because I don't know what some of them mean.
    Imagine how the public reacts.

    I think a PhD or DNS or DNP ought to proudly call him or herself Doctor So and So. They have earned the right.

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    How come RRT didn't have all necessary equipment ready and present?

    And that nurse who's always a B"""""" ... how is it that she is allowed to be that way? Is the Manager aware of her charming personality?

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    I think each position on that website tells you what documents they want. DD214, resume, etc.

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    OP, can you give a couple of examples from the interview that you think might have rubbed the interiewer the wrong way?

    Just a thought - write a "thank you" note to the interviewer and try to fit in something about how interested you are in the position, how you hope you did not come across as too eager, too enthused, and how you would really appreciate the opportunity to come learn and grow under the tutelage of such a great leader as the interviewer, since you are only a beginner and so eager to learn - or something like that.

    Do NOT say HR told you anything. It's hard to believe, frankly, that HR would have said that. Not saying HR didn't say it, just that HR is usually much more discreet and much more protective of managers than this scenario seems.

    How did you get to even speak to anyone in HR to begin with? They are usually so tremendously inaccessible.

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    You really do have to get along with your peers. If you don't, they'll lie on you to the bosses. It wouldn't have hurt, in retrospect, to let them know why you were closing the door. It might have prevented (might) this current mess.

    I have no real advice, but good luck. I am so very sick of stuff like this.

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    [QUOTE=dinkyandbaby;9027679]Always be nice, do your job, and don't complain. NP and PA school is a lot of work and takes a few years longer after a BSN, but the person is not necessarily smarter. I'm sure you already know that. To get along with everyone, it is best to keep your personal thoughts to yourself. You will have a better life at work and succeed. Gossip is never something to get involved in. No matter how tempting. None of us are perfect. Also don't believe everything you hear. Enjoy your job. Nursing is wonderful and rewarding.[/QUOTE

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    Quote from Janey496
    I'm rubber and you're glue, whatever you say Boyce's off me and sticks to you!
    Boyce's? Bounces?

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    Quote from NotAllWhoWandeRN
    People SNORT Wellbutrin for fun?! Now THAT is scurry. Wellbutrin does enough weird stuff when you take it properly.

    Ive never heard of people being tested for tricyclics in routine drug screens before. As far as I know it's ill advised, but not illegal, to share rx drugs that are not controlled substances. Heck, even dextromethorphan can be abused. I certainly understand how licensed professionals would be held to a higher standard though.
    the med you mention is not controlled and is sold OTC.

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    Quote from XNavyCorpsman
    This may sound a little harsh, but you are NOT nursing material. You took a controlled substance without a prescription. And to top this off, your mother gave it to you.
    Yes, it's harsh. And not necessarily true. For Heaven's sake, have you never messed up? There are no perfect people in this world.

    We don't know anything about this person except he or she was given bad advice, by her Mom no less. If that isn't ironic I don't know what would be. Unfortunately, or perhaps it's really for the best, she took the advice.

    She might or might not be admitted to the school. The school might miss this when they review her as a candidate. Stranger things have happened.

    President Clinton and I think Pres. W smoked dope and they are billionaires. Obama, too? Not sure. And everyone alive has somehow, at some time, fallen short of perfection. Give OP a break.

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    I don't remember. I was probably feeling kooky at the time.

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    Besides Legal Nurse Consultants, does anyone know what types of Nurse Consultants there are?


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    Quote from kbrn2002
    SInce it sounds like they are doing just that, they probably can. The real question is do you want to work for a place that would do this?
    But are they legally doing this or just being bullies?

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    Talk to a couple of employment law attorneys in your state.

    Learn the law in your state, learn the law of "abandonment" in your state.

    It sounds like you work for a terrible employer. So sorry to hear this.

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    I am not sure what more to advise. it sounds like you are doing what should be done. Good luck on getting into the area you want. KK

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    Giving the insulin and a milkshake sounds goofy.

    Should you hold it? Yes, I think so. I like to give insulin AFTER people have eaten, but I know the practice in institutions is usually to give it before they eat.

    As for calling at such an early hour - if I were Doc, I would write my orders differently, so as to avoid being called so early for something so routine. Do you know how many calls a doc might get every single morning? Why docs don't write orders that include some self-protection is hard to comprehend.

    Depend on Day shift to pass this on to Doc? Only if you want your head whacked off.