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  • Nov 7 '17

    I have astigmatism, close up and distance vision problems.

    It took awhile but I finally found Essilor progressive lenses to work perfectly for me.

    I had difficulty at first with progressives because the place I went to gave me a lousy eye exam so when the progressives were made they were terrible. I got my money back on them and went elsewhere.

    When I got the right vision exam done and the right prescription I had progressives made at a higher quality vision center. I could see perfectly almost immediately out of them.

    I always wear my glasses at work, I have to. I can't see anything without them. And no they don't fall off my face.

  • Aug 19 '17

    Don't let regrets consume your soul, be grateful for the here and now.

  • Jul 31 '17

    Get yourself an NCLEX study book such as the one by Saunders and practice a few hundred questions a week. The book and cd both have rationales.

  • Jul 27 '17

    I'm about to find out the difference, I just moved from Florida to Calgary, Alberta.

  • Jul 21 '17

    Quote from sauconyrunner
    Have you seen anyone about how to deal with stress. I am frankly astounded at everyone who is suggesting you just go find another type of job. In dealing with anxiety the only way to conquer it is to experience it and learn ways to cope. You may have heard the phrase, "The only way out is through" It's so true. If you continually move away from things because, "I can't deal with it" you won't learn to deal with it. If you like being a bedside nurse, fight for it. Go see someone who can help you, and get through it. It will help your nursing, and also help you feel so much better ALL the time!
    For many of us its just not that easy, I wish it were.

  • Jun 18 '17
  • Jun 13 '17

    Don't let regrets consume your soul, be grateful for the here and now.

  • Jun 4 '17

    What irritates me is how taxes are applied per pay check. I got whacked with taxes on overtime and stat holiday pay and then when I filed my tax return I got that money back without interest.

    I'm sure you can do the tax calculations yourself if you know your base pay.