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  • Jan 29

    This reminds me of something that happened to me during my shift on Sunday as a CNA. One of the nurses made
    a very rude comment to me when all I did was repeat back to her what the patient had said about her bowels. I guess
    the nurse thought it was stupid of me to bring it up. Instead of replying back in a very aggressively hostile way and making an
    awkward work environment, I chose to chat with her. I quietly relayed with her that I was not aware of the patient's status since I worked very little hours at the facility nor was I aware that this patient was not in her right mind. In other news, I continued to talk to her more so that we can somehow lose the hostility and to help myself "make up" for the hurt feelings I felt by her comment.
    In the end, she taught me a thing or two and even suggested a very interesting medical television documentary for me to check out. I don't think we're friends but I feel like my approach made her an ally rather than an enemy in my book. Hopefully, she will treat me better since I've spent some time talking to her.

    Social skills really do matter.

  • Jan 15

    Don't read all the information in the text books. Focus on the key points. Read something, think to yourself if you understand what you read and if you don't understand seek for the concept in another form like YouTube or through alternative study material. In the beginning I thought I was suppose to read everything too but I found out that was impossible. What you need is a good cliffs notes and to skim read. Focus on definitions, key concepts, graphs, charts.

    Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-PN(R) Examination, 6e (Saunders Comprehensive Review for Nclex-Pn): 978323289313: Medicine & Health Science Books @

    also would recommend this book. This will help a lot with understanding what key concepts that your professor may focus on since they are preparing you for nclex style tests

  • Dec 16 '17

    I prefer the Anatomy Coloring book by Kapit and Elson.

    The best $12 I ever spent on educational supplemental matierla. It helped me a great deal in anatomy.

  • Nov 4 '17

    It is not easy at all! Not a licensed practical nurse but I work in long term care and do the same type of work. I think other posters said it already. It is exhausting to work in long term care.

  • Oct 18 '17

    You need to buy a NCLEX-RN review book and read it along with your textbook assigned reading.

    You need to practice answering NCLEX-RN style questions which you can find books for at your school's library, local library, or online.

    One book I highly recommend is this one

    Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination, 5th Edition: 8965132282019: Medicine & Health Science Books @

    It is like an NCLEX-RN cliffs notes and will help you sort out only the most important information you need to pass your classes and not lose your mind studying. If you buy the book, I highly recommend you to read the chapter on "Test Taking strategies" because there ARE ways to answer these questions when you don't know so long as you know how to "eliminate" the wrong answers.

    Please buy the book. It will bump up your grade like it did for me...

  • Sep 28 '17

    Thanks for this article. I feel it has opened up the discussion on this issue that is pushed back from our minds. I work with the elderly and I didn't really think of any agitation and restlessness on their part as attributed to pain. I will try to be more mindful now.

  • Jul 24 '17

    Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination, 5th Edition: 8965132282019: Medicine & Health Science Books @

    Buy this review book to target your studying to the major diseases you will encounter.
    Go on youtube and search the disorders/diseases that will be on your exam.
    For example, if your exam will talk about Addison's Disease
    Go on youtube. Type Addison's Disease then click on the videos of people talking about Addison's disease.
    I highly recommend youtube channels: khanacademymedicine & MEDCRAMvideos

    Sometimes, it easier to understand something when people are explaining to you visually
    by writing in their videos and explaining. Videos on youtube explaining diseases are also
    usually short <15 mins but really clear if you pick the write speaker.

  • Jun 30 '17

    Take a content-based review course like Hurst Review and then purchase a current review book.
    Do as many questions as you can get your hands on. A good goal is like 3,000-7,000 questions and review
    all rationales.

    You should be fine. I don't think THAT much has changed. If you find anything unfamiliar just read it in
    your review book or purchase a recent edition of a medical-surgical nursing book to look it up.

  • Apr 30 '17

    Maybe consider looking outside of acute care. I got my first job at a long term care with short term rehab. It was a horrible three months in that position that drove me crazy but I learned a lot. It was almost having the acute care vibe working rehab. It is definitely a challenge to work rehab. If you want a taste of acutr care, try short term rehab a.k.a subacute.

    Nursing homes generally seem to take new grads quickly and I am loving long term care even though I looked down on it while in school as not being the specialty I wanted to be in. Well, look at me months post passing nclex and I am still in this speciality. Try some other areas to see if it's a fit.