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  • Jan 15

    Don't read all the information in the text books. Focus on the key points. Read something, think to yourself if you understand what you read and if you don't understand seek for the concept in another form like YouTube or through alternative study material. In the beginning I thought I was suppose to read everything too but I found out that was impossible. What you need is a good cliffs notes and to skim read. Focus on definitions, key concepts, graphs, charts.

    Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-PN(R) Examination, 6e (Saunders Comprehensive Review for Nclex-Pn): 978323289313: Medicine & Health Science Books @

    also would recommend this book. This will help a lot with understanding what key concepts that your professor may focus on since they are preparing you for nclex style tests

  • Dec 16 '17

    I prefer the Anatomy Coloring book by Kapit and Elson.

    The best $12 I ever spent on educational supplemental matierla. It helped me a great deal in anatomy.

  • Nov 4 '17

    It is not easy at all! Not a licensed practical nurse but I work in long term care and do the same type of work. I think other posters said it already. It is exhausting to work in long term care.

  • Oct 18 '17

    You need to buy a NCLEX-RN review book and read it along with your textbook assigned reading.

    You need to practice answering NCLEX-RN style questions which you can find books for at your school's library, local library, or online.

    One book I highly recommend is this one

    Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination, 5th Edition: 8965132282019: Medicine & Health Science Books @

    It is like an NCLEX-RN cliffs notes and will help you sort out only the most important information you need to pass your classes and not lose your mind studying. If you buy the book, I highly recommend you to read the chapter on "Test Taking strategies" because there ARE ways to answer these questions when you don't know so long as you know how to "eliminate" the wrong answers.

    Please buy the book. It will bump up your grade like it did for me...

  • Sep 28 '17

    Thanks for this article. I feel it has opened up the discussion on this issue that is pushed back from our minds. I work with the elderly and I didn't really think of any agitation and restlessness on their part as attributed to pain. I will try to be more mindful now.

  • Jul 24 '17

    Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination, 5th Edition: 8965132282019: Medicine & Health Science Books @

    Buy this review book to target your studying to the major diseases you will encounter.
    Go on youtube and search the disorders/diseases that will be on your exam.
    For example, if your exam will talk about Addison's Disease
    Go on youtube. Type Addison's Disease then click on the videos of people talking about Addison's disease.
    I highly recommend youtube channels: khanacademymedicine & MEDCRAMvideos

    Sometimes, it easier to understand something when people are explaining to you visually
    by writing in their videos and explaining. Videos on youtube explaining diseases are also
    usually short <15 mins but really clear if you pick the write speaker.

  • Jun 30 '17

    Take a content-based review course like Hurst Review and then purchase a current review book.
    Do as many questions as you can get your hands on. A good goal is like 3,000-7,000 questions and review
    all rationales.

    You should be fine. I don't think THAT much has changed. If you find anything unfamiliar just read it in
    your review book or purchase a recent edition of a medical-surgical nursing book to look it up.

  • Apr 30 '17

    Maybe consider looking outside of acute care. I got my first job at a long term care with short term rehab. It was a horrible three months in that position that drove me crazy but I learned a lot. It was almost having the acute care vibe working rehab. It is definitely a challenge to work rehab. If you want a taste of acutr care, try short term rehab a.k.a subacute.

    Nursing homes generally seem to take new grads quickly and I am loving long term care even though I looked down on it while in school as not being the specialty I wanted to be in. Well, look at me months post passing nclex and I am still in this speciality. Try some other areas to see if it's a fit.

  • Mar 10 '17

    Omg, I am ecstatic. I passed the NCLEX-RN with 76 questions on the first try! I took the exam on July 14th and just got the quick results. The test ended for me about 1 hour and thirty minutes later. The 48 hours to wait for quick results was so long!

    I had 20+ SATA, 3-5 exhibits, no audio, no hotspots, no medcalc, 10-20 priority, 3-4 pharm questions, and the rest were a lot of multiple choice on situations surrounding certain procedures and common diseases/conditions. I didn't see any topic that was unfamiliar to me, I didn't see any diseases that I didn't know which was strange. I expected as it got harder, I would start seeing diseases or medications that I didn't know. However, every medication I came across I was familiar with. Then again, I really focused the last two weeks on medications so maybe I was prepared.

    Since, I spent a good amount of those 9 or 10 weeks from graduating and taking the NCLEX on this site seeing what people did to pass, I will pay it forward.

    Background: I graduated from a local university with my BSN in May 2015, cum laude. I am an astute student. I studied extensively throughout the nursing program. Whenever there was a test or quiz, I was the type to read the material, find the essential points, go over multiple resources to find how the information could be asked in a question. So, I am not someone that just absorbs things easily. I work hard to understand concepts. My program is rigorous and I felt like it prepared me well. The passing rate for my program is 88% last year.

    February of this year is when I started to bust my butt. My school paid for a woman from Hesi to lecture to us for 3 days as a live review. My school provided us with
    The HESI/Saunders Online Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination, here is the link: I did the pre-test for the Online Review which generated a 12 week study plan which I followed diligently throughout my last semester. I did every single module and lesson it told me to do and Rest on the weekends as the study plan said.

    Next, I checked out a book from my university's library. I need a book to study from during my senior year that was NOT Saunders Comprehensive Review for NCLEX-RN 5th edition. I used the yellow Saunders book throughout nursing school and was sick of it. I needed a change of pace and I wanted something more fluid with lengthy explanations. Saunders was just the bare facts listed. That's when I checked out Mosby&#39;s Comprehensive Review of Nursing for NCLEX-RN®, 18e: 9780323039017: Medicine & Health Science Books @

    Mosby's Comprehensive Review of Nursing for NCLEX-RN 18th edition.
    I know its the 18th edition so its older than the 20th. I didn't care. It didn't affect me as much. I liked how this book was very good with explaining things. It didn't just list a symptom of a disease, it would tell you why the symptom occurs on a short patho level in parentheses. So, this review book outline was way more specific to why a symptom occurs than in Saunders. I love Saunders but this review outline is way better. Even in the nursing interventions, it tells you WHY you want to do this action in accordance to the disease as a nurse, not just that you would do it like Saunders does. The book has tons of questions, something like 2,000+ questions in the book and 1,000+ questions in the CD. I did the CD as well throughout the last semester. I returned the book in the end of the semester which was first week of May. After this, I went back to Saunders. The change in books was much needed on my part.

    NCLEX 4000: I answered questions on this software on days I didn't feel like cracking open a book. This software has over 4000+ questions and has topics on all areas of nursing. You can even choose from client needs category. The unfortunate thing with this software is that it doesn't have memory of where you left off with if you start. So, if you choose a topic and do questions, you have to leave your computer on to get back where you left off. Also, if you do a random test and try to do another one next day, it won't remember that you had answered the question yesterday for last random test. I just selected the topic I wanted, like "GI disorders" and did all the questions in one day then moved onto next topic. That's how I dealt with the software not having a memory. I answered maybe more than half of the question bank. I remediated any questions I got wrong by going to the yellow Saunders book to read up on it.

    [COLOR=#000000]Kaplan NCLEX-RN Strategies, Practice, and Review
    Practice Test 2012-2013
    Kaplan NCLEX-RN 2012-2013 Strategies, Practice, and Review WITH CD-ROM (Kaplan Nclex-Rn Exam): 9781609785659: Medicine & Health Science Books @

    [/COLOR]I read this book in its entirety. I wanted to understand what were the Kaplan strategies that people were talking about. I really enjoyed reading about the strategies, I used some of the strategies on my own practice questions. The decision tree is fascinating. There is a comprehensive review in the back and I did it. It said if you score 70%+ then you have strong content knowledge. The questions from this Kaplan were pretty hard. This was my first sample of Kaplan's question format. I am impressed, its very good. I scored a 76% on the practice test.

    NCLEX RN Mastery App: I bought this app after reading how good it was from others on here. This app has 1,800+ questions. I really liked it because it had all types of mnemonics and the questions were very good. The select all the apply here are excellent! I used this app whenever I had a spare moment at work or on the go. I always have my phone on me so this is very useful for people like me.

    Hurst Review: Hurst Review Services - NCLEX Review Course By the time of graduation, I was starting to feel panicky. Although I felt I knew a lot, I was just nervous and felt I needed to take something like a review course. I looked at the introduction video and did a one week trial. I really liked how the people lectured on the topic. It was very interesting to watch and follow along with the worksheets. I signed up for the online review and got a 10% discount from a website, I forgot what it was. The core content review from Hurst was important for setting the foundation and understanding WHY something is happening in a disease or condition. The southern accents from the lecturers were very entertaining to watch as I am from NJ. I loved this review so much. The Q-Review exams prepared me well for what to expect on NCLEX. It comes with a money-back guarantee so I wasn't afraid to pay for the review because if I failed, I would have just asked for my money back.

    My Q-Review scores: Hurst says the average score for people who pass NCLEX using their review is 84/125

    Q1: 87/125
    Q2: 84/125
    Q3: 81/125
    Q4: 93/125
    Q5: 86/125
    Q6: 90/125

    Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment: Practice Exercises for the NCLEX Examination, 2e
    Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment: Practice Exercises for the NCLEX Examination, 2e: 9780323065702: Medicine & Health Science Books @

    I practiced prioritization questions using this book. It helped me a lot! I did all 18 chapters and none of the case studies.

    Kaplan Question Trainers 1-7: These were super helpful! I did the q-trainers towards the last 3 weeks leading up to the exam to see whether or not I'm ready to take the exam. I've heard Kaplan questions were tough so I wanted to expose myself to them. I didn't pay for the qbanks or the course, I just searched the Q-Trainers online and took them for free. The Q-trainer 6 and 7 are all analysis and application, they are the most indicative or success on NCLEX because they really test your critical thinking. I struggled narrowing down the two answers on most of the questions on these q-trainers. It was hard!

    My Q-Trainer scores:
    7:66% : Of course, I studied extensively in this book as well. I reviewed the Pediatrics chapter five weeks into my study session because I hadn't reviewed the book for a while (the whole senior semester) or peds. I felt like Peds was my weak subject. I highly recommend this version, it is definitely enough for content review alone since its so massive. Don't pay the extra money for the new edition.

    Allnurses 39-page study guide: I read this study guide a week before my exam. It was very helpful! Know INFECTION CONTROL for certain DISEASES. SPIDERMAN! I will attach the study guide.

    On test day, I was familiar with most topics on there. Actually, some of the questions were lectured on in Hurst Review extensively. I was so shocked. Hurst Review is amazing!!! I was definitely nervous walking into the exam but when I started answering the questions, the topics were familiar because of the core content review from Hurst. I wasn't shocked at the questions presented to me since I studied over 8000+ questions for this exam. Yes, I answered that much questions from February to July.

    Overall, I think to master this exam, one must have a strong core content knowledge combined with an extensive question bank. Answer as much questions as you can get your hands on after learning the content. Aim for maybe 3000+ questions for your entire study plan for NCLEX.

    I hoped this helped someone! I'm so glad this exam is behind me Now onwards to job searching!

    I've attached the study guide and a 150 NCLEX question exam I used. Stay positive and study! You can do this!

  • Feb 16 '17

    I am going back to retake a particular clinical rotation. I really really hope I pass this clinical.
    Please, someone pray for me!

  • Feb 5 '17

    It is not easy at all! Not a licensed practical nurse but I work in long term care and do the same type of work. I think other posters said it already. It is exhausting to work in long term care.

  • Feb 5 '17

    All the best with your new job. It's tough to quit any job that involves geriatric patients because over time we form attachments to them.