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  • Jun 28

    Do not give a single brain cell's worth of worry for Chamberlain College of Nursing. They will survive to charge someone else outrageous fees.

  • Jun 28

    Quote from Scrubs_n_sirens
    So you're the one we all dread!

    Just kidding. Thanks for your hard work :-D
    Yep, that's me! See ya soon!

  • Jun 28

    When I graduated in 2009 it took 6 months to find a job...a job in a nursing home like what you described. I toughed it out and developed organizational skills. I went on to another SNF but this time a larger facility as an IV nurse. Then into a hospital. Then into the vascular access team.

    I found my path by grasping on to the first place that would take me, took it as a challenge and learned as much as I could, then moved on to the next place and the next place until I found home.

  • Jun 23

    Quote from Julius Seizure
    So nurses shouldn't want to bargain for more compensation? Their only concern should be patient safety?

    It sounds like perhaps you feel that the nurses should be willing to work for long as the patients are safe.

    Any other industry, it's understood that you would like to negotiate the best salary for your work that you can get. But shame on nurses for doing it?
    This. No one bats an eye at the exorbitant salaries commonplace in other professions (pro athletes, entertainers), but nurses are supposed to work for the good of mankind and that should be enough??? Nah...I have bills to pay, mouths to feed, and student loans to repay. It's also nice to take a vacation once in a while.
    FWIW-I live in a suburb of Boston. It's not a fancy, wealthy town, but a decent middle class town. Average home price is over $500,000 and rents are about 900-1000 a month for a one bed room apartment. $100,000 a year is not living the glamorous life in Boston.

  • Jun 23

    Boston as a whole is 60% above the national average cost of living.
    Boston as a whole is 50% above the national median income. (proportionally more of that goes to taxes)
    The neighborhood around Brigham (Brookline) has a median income of $110K.
    RNs typically make more than the median income.
    So maybe they are underpaid...

  • Jun 23

    From their Union - Brigham and Women’s Hospital Nurses Vote 95% to Authorize Strike in Protest of BWH/Partners Health Care Valuing Corporate Profit Margins Ahead of Patients, Nurses

    "The MNA’s proposal is to ensure safe nurse staffing levels in the thoracic unit."
    "The hospital is seeking to force all newly hired nurses into lesser benefit programs"
    "Flex insurance is a hospital-controlled health insurance program not subject to bargaining. Six years ago, the hospital lured nurses in with low rates and then part-time nurses saw their premiums double to quadruple in just one year."
    "The five highest paid Partners executives got a nearly $1.3 million combined pay hike from 2013 to 2014, equaling a 23 percent increase in salaries."

    Staffing and benefits seem legit to me. Regarding wages, IMO if they're going to cut staffing at least throw them some money to compensate for it. Especially if that number is correct and the guys at the top are getting raises that are into the hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

    I sincerely doubt OP was ever looking for a true debate though, considering that every post OP has made on AN has me convinced they're a soon-to-graduate PA with some complex that really should be evaluated.

    Quote from RockMay
    I am about to graduate from PA school.
    Quote from RockMay
    NPs utilize more resources than PAs or MDs as a result of their inferior training and lack of preparation for the autonomous practice of medicine.
    Quote from RockMay
    The didactic and clinical training for PAs exceeds that of any FNP program
    Quote from RockMay
    Being that FNP education lacks this basic skill I will always be careful to never have an FNP assess me or anyone I love and care about for anything remotely related to their lungs.

  • Jun 23

    Oh CTICU? Cardiothoracic stepdown? Oh HELLNAW. Those are my people, and some really complicated stepdown patients attached to every line known to man- pressors, heparin, insulin, chest tubes, NG tubes/ G and/or J tubes, epidurals, PCAs, cardiac monitors, antibiotics, Woundvac, pacer wires, JP drains, Foleys, sure I forgot some.

    They need to get all the money they can!

  • Jun 22

    I would recommend working with your Director of Nursing services (Whoever is accountable for the supervision and deliver of nursing services..should be the person who does nurse performance evaluations) to develop a performance improvement plan for Ms Problem. I would also emphasize and enforce scope of practice. LPN scope of practice in most states requires direct supervision by an RN or physician - so as the team leader, you have the authority to establish and enforce limitations on her work and evaluate her clinical skills.

    In my state, assessment, care planning & development of the discharge plan are not within the scope of LVN practice. If she is assuming this duty independently by evaluating discharge readiness/status, that may be a practice violation. Just sayin'. . .

  • Jun 22

    Because, nobody takes responsibility for their actions. Ever. It's the device they vaped with? Come on, you vaped 6 mos ago and it's showing up now? Not buying.

    I like it way better when there is honesty. At least then I can say, it was dumb, move on.

    And yes, it is way better to contact the source than get on an Internet website for answers. So yeah, you got a better answer from the employer. Funny how that works.

  • Jun 21

    Discuss the contract with a lawyer.

  • Jun 20

    "A hell to the naw, naw, naw". I would call in and then tomorrow quit. If they are already trying that with you, things can't be good at said facility.

  • Jun 20

    I would not accept such an assignment. Start looking for a new employee

  • Jun 20

    Quote from Crystalroselynn
    Because it's my Instagram and I can do what I want with it

  • Jun 16

    Stick anyone and everyone you can. ED is the best place IMO because you will have the opportunity to stick frat boys with ropes for veins, 99 year old Nanas on Coumadin, babies, and everyone in between. Doing is the only way to learn with this skill.

  • Jun 15

    I see many near misses and I do share my ideas for prevention but their are egos involved and if you come up with a great idea and not an educator or someone in managment some feel threatened.If you reveal your intelligence even if it's done in a sharing and collabarative manner others can be threatened and then you are attached . It's one of the things I despise about nursing. Many times I decide to keep mouth shut if sharing my ideas means that it will backfire.There is a lot of deep seated jealousy with many...not all...but the bad ones are really bad!