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  • Feb 11

    Just once I'd like to read a thread by some pre-nursing butterfly who's dream job is to be a really good med-surg nurse.

    Enough already with the NICU/PICU/OB princesses.

  • Feb 11

    For what it's worth, if this hospital is indeed disorganized and you didn't have trouble at your old facility, the problem is probably them and not you. If your preceptor had such concerns during that conversation with the ED, she should have spoken to the ED nurse herself.

  • Feb 10

    Quote from gleasongirl76
    I worked at my first nursing job for 14 years. I was even manager. Stepped down to finish school. Then got laid off. Even though that job was very hard, in a small hospital. 2 RNs to five patients, plus we placed the tele units on, watched them, charted on them, was after hours PACU, responded to every code, and more.......I can't get over the fact that they laid me off I think. I have had a series of jobs, its not the jobs, I could and would work anywhere if my anxiety would let me. I just can't get past that moment. I feel like they threw me out like the trash when I was a seasoned nurse with them. It doesn't help that I got diagnosed with RA the last year I was there and was hospitalized a number of times. I just want to not feel like this. That's it, I just don't know. I can NOT stop having anxiety attacks going into work, if I get there.
    Been there, done that, bought the commemorative mug. I felt like garbage too. Although never an LPN in an ICU, I was able to work for many years in every part of a small community hospital. Until a big fish came and swallowed the small fish.

    First off, it is all about you. You need to manage your conditions so that you can function in all parts of your life.

    Then, your career. Online schools are an awesome thing!! And yes, you can do this in your living room!!

    I the meanwhile, think about tutoring. Maybe do a NCLEX prep study group. Talk to new nurses about their resumes and cover letters. How to get a job. Most can be done by word of mouth, hooking yourself up in the college that you attended as a resource. There are even adult education community schools that have online courses of study.....lots of things.

    But first and foremost, get yourself to a therapist. Grieving is a process, and we all need assistance now and again.

    Best wishes!

  • Feb 10

    Quote from gleasongirl76
    I can't get over the fact that they laid me off I think.
    I am so very sorry you were laid off. Nonetheless, the layoff occurred three years ago. You must move on. As Tim Robbins would say, "Get busy living or get busy dying."
    Quote from gleasongirl76
    I just can't get past that moment. I feel like they threw me out like the trash when I was a seasoned nurse with them.
    They laid you off. It appears your life's been profoundly affected by this layoff, yet I guarantee your former employer is not losing one bit of sleep over what occurred.

    You need to do what it takes to move past this layoff, even if it means professional help for the lingering anxiety. The layoff happened in the past. When we keep both eyes in the past, it blinds us in the present. Look to the future. Good luck to you.

  • Feb 10

    Quote from gleasongirl76
    I have earned my Master's in nursing education and am very comfortable helping students. But can't find a nurse teaching job in my area.
    Many nurse educators are online instructors who live hundreds of miles from the school and work remotely. So although no teaching jobs might be in your immediate area, there's probably a vast range of online positions if you know how to find them.

    Good luck to you.

  • Feb 9

    I have been in your shoes and I took the best way out for my situation, I resigned. It was the best thing I have ever done because I was able to stay home for 8 months and be a stay at home mom and wife. I was able to collect unemployment and we were fine. At the end of my time off, I got hired at my dream job in the perfect location. Sometimes you just have to leap out on faith. Good luck to you.

  • Feb 9

    Quote from twozer0
    No offense here but can we leave politics at the doorstep? Not everyone going to agree on a single payer system. Its just too polaraizing of a topic!
    S.864 for Federal Nurse Patient ratios was sponsored by Sen Barbara Boxer and Sen Bernie Sanders.
    He has been endorsed by National Nurses United as the Democratic candidate for President, therefore it is entirely appropriate and necessary to discuss the facts.

    Everyone who comes here to vent about ratios, low wages, lousy insurance and no breaks, needs to participate in this election.

  • Feb 9

    Nurses and doctors know they're being screwed. Where is the outrage? Enough is enough!

    It is unacceptable in every sense of the word for corporations to profit from human pain and suffering and demean our profession.

    We are at a critical point in our
    history and we can elect a presidential candidate who will end this corporate greed and deliver single payer healthcare
    for all.

  • Feb 9

    I get so tired of the new "nurse speak."

    I understand that every nurse is not an activist. However, if changes are being based on "evidence," one could certainly ask, have you read the Aiken Study?

    Dr. Aiken's study in the news

  • Feb 8

    Nurses are averse to standing together to support their own best interests because they have seen what happens to those who do.

    Wake up and vote for a president who will reform our corrupt healthcare system.

    This is the only chance that we will ever have to elect a president who will work for our best interests.

  • Feb 8

    It's really all about priorities. My employer just finished re doing the hospital lobby and announced construction is about to begin on a new parking garage for the doctors. Meanwhile my department has 7 unfilled nursing positions.

  • Feb 8

    More Masters prepared minions without a clue to the nursing leadership rescue!

  • Feb 8

    Thank you, and I really mean it thank you.

    I wanted to take the time to say a genuine thank you. I am a 3rd year resident about to set foot on the real world in about 6 months. I will be an "Attending" and full fledged doctor come july 1st of this year. It is much more scary than coming in July 1st of my intern year. Some of my colleges came in as an intern "knowing everything" and thats great but I was not one of them.

    Residency is scary, hard work and a lot of sleepless nights. I spent months in a completely different environment than I was used to. Thank you for guiding me through this. Thank you for tapping me on the shoulder and telling me "how things normally work". Thank you for grabbing me before rounds and telling me what the attending expected and making me look good. Also thank you for not changing every single drip just before rounds. As a guest on many off service rotations I learned more from the nurses than I did from my attending and I thank you for this.

    Also thank you for respecting my time. On my trauma rotation I was awoken at 6:45 am by the charge nurse. He had a list of things I needed to sign off on. Simple things that I could have been awaken for but really didn't need to be. He took it upon himself to compile a list of orders that didn't need my immediate attention so I could grab a few hours of sleep.

    Overall I have learned more from the RN's during residency than I have from my attendings and I thank you for this. I wish you all luck in the future and thank you for all you do.

  • Feb 5

    Quote from sugar12
    After working one year in a toxic environment I decided that I had to leave that hospital. I applied and got a call back from all of the hospitals I applied to within 2 weeks. It's crazy to think how valuable just 1 year can be to employers. For me I still feel brand new some days. It took me one year out of my ADN program to find a hospital job.

    Here's the question tho: the job I accepted is 45 mins of highway driving on a good day. It is literally the highest ranked hospital in my area. I will be driving past other good hospitals to go there. The pay is higher and the benefits are great but it is a distance. So I'm I crazy?
    yes. you are. IMHO

  • Feb 2

    Is that a word?