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Psych Nursing: A unique field of nursing.

My car rolled to a stop at the curb about a half-block from Bev's group home; soft instrumental music filled the interior and cool air blew softly on my face as enjoyed the peacefulness of the moment. I was pleasantly lost in thought and busy scribbling notes about my previous patient. Bang! Bang! Bang!! A fist hit my side window and jolted me into attention and fear. A contorted, red face filled the window and a loud stream of profanities drowned out the music. It seemed that the mouth was... Read More →

Surviving Nursing School: Possibly the most difficult endeavor of your life!

Whether you're now applying to nursing schools or are in your last semester of nursing school, you've probably had doubts about your ability to succeed. These doubts may be nagging, little twinges that bother you before a major exam, or maybe you're so crippled with the fear of failure that you can't bring yourself to apply to schools--or even take the entrance exams. Typically, people are somewhere between the two points on the spectrum. For those of us who graduated from nursing school,... Read More →

Advice from someone who hires

First, you probably read books about putting a resume together, or even hired someone to polish yours. Those are good steps, but to set yourself apart from the masses, you need to do more. Before you even start writing your resume, talk to your friends, classmates, professors and employers. Ask them what they perceive your strengths to be. Take inventory of ALL your skills and accomplishments. Women in particular have a hard time promoting themselves. Don't be shy. Start an informal list of... Read More →