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  • Sep 1 '16

    John (& all) --
    Thanks for the feedback. Boy, am I glad I posted this. I'm concerned now that my "plan" on this mid-life career change needs to be reworked. I had no idea that the class would require so much to get an A. I have a full time professional job -- now, granted I don't work any overtime (I could, but since I don't give a darn about it any more, I don't...whole reason I want to go into nursing), I have 2 children and a husband and house to try to maintain. This is sounding impossible!!! I stupidly assumed that I could study an hour a day and do well. 20 years ago, I took some advanced accounting classes in the summer and that's about what it took then to get A's. An hour a day, every single day (including weekends).
    So, is this impossible? My kids are 7 & 10 and won't have any homework in the summer. There are 16 actual class meetings and I'm taking vacation half-days to attend the classes on Tues/Thur afternoon so that leaves me a couple extra hours immediately after class to study in addition to the hour I was counting on in the evening. Those are FANTASTIC study tips you've given me and I will get all those extra materials.
    If I do all that, is an A or B within reach? Or am I crazy and I really should just quit my job, go to school full time and devote myself to this? I only lack these 2 classes to be able to apply for ADN and I wanted to be absolutely sure that I'm accepted before I quit this other career. I'm probably being overly cautious as I've always done well in school and have no reasons for them to reject me.

    I think I'm asking for advice! I also think I need to talk to students currently enrolled at this school. Does the difficulty of these courses (specifically this A&P I) vary, or is that wishful thinking on my part? I'm just blown away by how much study time you are reporting it needed for an A. WOW.
    TIA for your thoughtful responses.