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    Strectchedlobez..... I guess you didn't read the thread 'Mockery of Nursing' before posting your question!!

    You sound like a good guy. I really hope things work out for you!!

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    i clicked on this thread because the title sounded interesting. what a disapointment. instead of a thread discussing the 'mockery of nursing' it is a thread aimed at humilitating fellow an members. and to think there are moderators on here participating. unbelievable.

    really, you're no better than a bunch of kids sitting in a cafeteria pointing and laughing while making fun of the kids who aren't cool like you.

    to those commenting that this is 'the best thread ever', and 'i'm laughing so hard i have pop coming out my nose' grow up.... this thread has been done before. it wasn't funny then and it isn't funny now, this thread is mean, unprofessional and very immature.

    what's most disapointing is that there are members commenting on this thread whose opinions i usually respect.

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    Never mind.... I tweaked it and went ahead and sent it.....

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    Oh.... I'm sending it the program co-ordinator, my main instructor and another lady... lol

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    this is a bit of a rush.... but i have been up all night thinking about this.

    our clinical placement in january isn't going the way it's supposed to. it is supposed to be in a hospital setting (we already did ltc) but there is only 14 spots in the hospital and the rest of the class will be put back into ltc. let's just say the class is pretty upset.

    anyway.... here is an email that i'm going to send. please let me know what you think. i am sorry if i'm not making much sense, but i'm tired.... which is one reason i need someone to proof this for me before i send it!!


    i'm not sure who to be directing this email to as i'm unsure of how our clinical placements are chosen, but i am wondering if there is anything i can do to ensure i am placed at the hospital in st. thomas?

    i am not trying to create any conflict, i am just trying to get the best education possible. i also don't want to come across as childish, as i know everyone in the class is probably hoping for a placement at the hospital, but i am only concerned about my own education at this point. i have a goal and i need this clinical to help me reach that goal.

    i wasn't going to say anything, i was just going to take my chances, but i am spending a lot of money for this program and at the end of the day i am the only one looking out for me and making sure i get the full learning experience that i am entitled to.

    i apologize if i am out of line with this email. like i said, my intent is not create conflict.

    thank you,

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    You need to know how to do them manually... no calculator!!

    Order: Clindamycin 0.3g
    Supply: Clindamycin 150 mg per ml
    Enter dose you would give.

    First you have to convert g to mg. And that's easy, you're just moving the decimal point. So now the order is 300 mg and you divide that by the supply.

    300/150 = 2 Now take the 2 and multiply it by the ml. 2x1=2 Therefore the dose you will give is 2mls

    Order: Morphine 4mg
    Supply: Morphine 10 mg per ml
    Enter the dose you give in mls

    Order: Ilosone 500 mg
    Supply: Ilosone Oral suspension 250 mg per 5ml
    Enter the dosage you would give in tsp

    Hint: 5ml = 1tsp

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    My program runs all year, but like I said, I'm part-time. I'm pretty sure the full time students don't go during the summer because when have to use the labs the whole college is dead.

    Another thing is that Humber and Conestoga require 100% in the math components of the program. Not sure what Mohawk might be like, but I think Fanshawe is 90-95% I almost had a bird when I found that out as I'm not very good at math. (Actually I am I just didn't know it lol) The math for us fell in with our first clinical. Our clinical wasn't graded, it was either satisfactory or unsatisfactory. So if we didn't get 100% on the math quiz (which is dosage calculations for ex. Order: Tylenol 0.5g Supply: Tylenol liquid 500mg per 5ml. Enter the dosage you would give in tsp) we basically failed clinical. There were three chances to pass though, but they included tutoring from the college. I don't think anyone has failed clinical because of math, but it's scary knowing you could. Anyway.... what I'm trying to say is brush up on basic multiplying and dividing of percentages and fractions.

    We have clinical coming up again in January and we have to get another 100% in math, but this time it's on IV dosage calculations.... egads!!

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    Quote from xtxrn

    not from johns' hopkins, but has decent references, and gets to the point.

    the docs i worked with didn't want apap given unless a temp hit 101.0f, for the reason of being useful in killing bacteria that have a specific temp where they're nuked.

    i was reading the link you provided and found the most funniest quote....

    they are also afraid of harmless side effects like [color=#0645ad]febrile seizures and dramatically overestimate the likelihood of permanent damage from typical fevers.[color=#0645ad][39] the underlying problem, according to professor of pediatrics barton d. schmitt, is "as parents we tend to suspect that our children's brains may melt".[color=#0645ad][40]

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    this was sent to me in an email....

    a very tired nurse walks into a bank, totally exhausted after an 18-hour shift. preparing to write a check, she pulls a rectal thermometer out of her purse and tries to write with it. when she realizes her mistake, she looks at the flabbergasted teller, and without missing a beat, she says: [font=sans-serif]
    [font=sans-serif] 'well, that's great.......that's just great..........some a**hole's got my pen!' [font=sans-serif] [font=sans-serif]

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    ummm.... it says prices... with an 's'. Does that mean each apartment is 1.4-8.1 million dollars??? ????? ????? No way, I have to be reading it wrong!!

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    Hey.... I'm going to Humber for the RPN!!

    I wish someone had told me I didn't have to buy the current edition text book from the campus bookstore!!

    Textbooks are EXPENSIVE!!! I am only going part-time and usually have two classes at a time, so I only need to buy my textbooks as I need them. It's a good thing too, because first semester books probably cost over $500. I only bought my first two textbooks full price.

    It was on allnurses that I found out you can go to websites like and get your textbooks for literally a couple of dollars if you get the previous edition!! The previous edidtions are the exact same except the chapters may be in a different order or there may be an extra statistical chart. And every text I bought has been in great condition. You pay more for shipping. Also check out first as they have coupons for

    Serioulsy, don't waste your money at the campus bookstore!!

    Also, this is just me... but some nursing classes I don't buy the 'extra' textbooks required. This class it was a mental health textbook. Our instructor does amazing powerpoints with all the informaiton I need and I take excellent notes during lecture. Plus, google is an amazing tool!! Whatever you decide, you NEED the main textbooks. Your med surg, assessment, fundamentals.

    p.s. depending what your psych and soci texts are... you can have mine for free!!

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    Quote from capecodmermaid
    i recently had a nurse tell me we shouldn't give a resident tylenol for a fever because fevers kill the bacteria in a sick person's body. huh?!?
    i can see that since a fever creates an environment pathogens can't tolerate. it also causes white blood cells to produce faster also helping to fight the pathogens. anyway, a fever actually isn't harmful to the brain until it reaches 107. maybe i'm learning something after all!!

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    nursesante'..... serioulsy, please stop.... :icon_roll

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    Quote from maryann_rn
    i remember the patient who came in like that and we couldn't get the boots off his feet. somebody had a bright idea and got out the leg bucket (don't ask!) some time later the leg was lifted out and the foot stayed in the boot at the bottom of the bucket. then the maggots floated to the top...
    stuff like this fascinates me.... honestly i would've loved to have been there. however, it's too bad my fascination comes at the expense of others.

    and i know you asked not to.... but.... what is the 'leg bucket'???

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    I hear what you're saying OP....

    Our class was split into four different clinical sites (all LTC). We all had the same course outline with the same supposed learning outcomes. We all paid the exaxt same amount of money to attend clinical and all had to put in the same amount of hours.

    However, the learning outcomes were so different! I was very fortunate with my clinical site as we were able to give the most meds, do injections and simple dressing changes, we were able to shadow the floor nurse as well as a wound care nurse. We were exposed to NG tubes and colotomies. This was a total hands on learning environment!!

    The other sites mainly focused on personal care. One site wasn't allowed to give injections or perform simple dressing changes. The one site was mostly textbook learning!! Hellooooo... we had enough of that in all of our theory classes! Clinical is the time to apply the theory learned!

    Anyway, there were so many inconsistantsies between the sites (course outline only required three nursing care plans be completed, the one site had to do one/two a week). I feel bad for my classmates that paid the same amount of money as I did and were basically shortchanged.