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    May I add that opening my gift was kind a embarrassing. My boyfriend for 6yrs took me to a jewelry store 2 days before Christmas he told me to look for engagement ring that I like and told the lovely lady to measure my finger. The day before Christmas I saw a big box wrapped so fancy that says "to mommy" I thought this got to be a ring and thanked God. On Christmas Eve we were opening gifts everyone was happy I was last to open my gift, to my surprise it wasn't a ring..

    Oh well life goes on.. I'm pretty sure I would still look pretty and young by the time I wear a wedding gown.

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    A coach bag which I traded for MK bag, Mk wallet and clothes..

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    I wish I can win the lottery (that I never play lol) so I can:

    Bring my 2 girls to Disneyland and enroll them to great school and dancing class and secure their future.
    Have a breast reduction
    Donate money to Cancer and Psoriasis foundation
    Go for my bachelor degree
    Maybe buy my bf of 6 yrs and father of my kids a brand new jeep, a second hand if he still doesn't propose to me.

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    I would personally be a dog, if you treat me nice I'll be nice to you but if you are mean to me I'll bite you- But I won't say this to my interview.Maybe a chameleon because I can adapt well in the surrounding I'm in.

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    Assess&Safety1st, I'm trying to reply on your pm but for some reason I'm not allow to pm you anymore. Did you change your settings?

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    What I say?? What I say??? All who follow and post on this tread will pass the Nclex.. So happy for you I know I congratulated you via pm and the other thread but I think its nice to post it here too where I meet you and you motivated me and others.

    Congrats RN!!!!!!

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    RN2Be77.. The rosary was a 9 days prayer dedicated on passing the exam, a prayer to St. Jude and St. Joseph, and Sto. Nino. It was really good. I wish I had saved it but I deleted and threw all my notes except for this 5 rule notebook that I filled up with imp notes..

    butorphanol.. Thank you. My review was on and off but I started to really focus 6 months before the test. I didn't have confident even to the very last second . Lots of tears and desperation but it all turn out to be ok.

    I'm still Job hunting its been again very frustrating way harder than Nclex review. During my one and only interview so far I was asked how I deal with stress?? I didn't really thought about it it just came out of my mouth I said "I hold on to faith" The nurse manager just smile at me and actually said very good. So I think I really need to just have faith that good things will come.

    Good luck everyone.

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    paRN12 Thanks for your post cause I was considering moving to Hawaii to pursue my Bachelor degree and hopefully find a part time job. ( Its so frustrating.

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    oztizz184 Hey you!! I hope you still remember me I pass the nclex shortly after you did. Guess what?? We're on the same boat Its been really hard. I got interviewed 3 weeks ago at a dialysis center I found out yesterday that 2 of their tech just pass the nclex too and the company hire them instead. I can see how that benefits them at least it will be less training for them. So yeah my application was put on hold. This is so much harder than reviewing for the nclex.

    I'm glad you post your thoughts I could also learned from the people who respond.

    Best wishes to you.

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    one1morestep You did it!!!! Congrats to you!!!! So Happy for you..
    Way to go RN!!!

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    Maybe your husband have been witnessing lots of crime lately and is being paranoid or protective?

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    Congrats to you!! I knew you could do it..

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    Quote from ebonyRN_23
    Hello nurses ! its 23 days to count to be RN !!! Please pray for me! I'm doing blood and blood products now Saunders cd at study mode 170 items after this, I will do 100 items exam mode. No text,no calls ,no Facebook !!
    Hello! Sorry I havent been on skype sold my netbook and I havent downloaded skype but you have been in my thoughts and prayer. I want to pm you but your inbox is full..

    Hope to hear from you.