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  • Nov 29 '16

    I too, received my BA in art/photography after high school. I worked in the creative/publishing field for a year, until the company closed. After that, I struggled to find art-related work...nothing. So, I worked in retail, and joined a year long LVN program. Could not work during the program as it was so demanding...but since graduating and working, yes you can make time for your art, but sometimes I don't even feel like doing anything but relaxing after work. I found my niche in private duty/home care, so I work with one client 8-9 hours a day....let me say, the stability and helping people/fostering a relationship with the patient and family can be VERY rewarding. But I have found my creative endeavors have taken a back seat. Like someone on here mentioned, I too, have a few projects in the works that have been in the works for quite some time. Let us know what you end up doing!