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Nurse bloggers/writers?


Hello all,

I've posted along this topic before, but nothing so specific. I know there are numerous entrepreneurial ideas out there for nurses....I'm just wondering if anyone has made either a part time or full time income as a nurse/health/wellness BLOGGER or article WRITER? If so, what type of platform do you use....a regular blog or writing articles for various sites like Hubpages or even publications?

I'm curious b/c I'm exploring all my options. I'm a second career nurse (LVN), with a previous degree in the arts and a background in the publishing world. I have worked as a nurse for a few years, (home health), but am currently a stay at home mom. I love to write, share my knowledge, and help people. I'm great at working one on one with people (hence home health), and am trying to find something I can do down the road that is flexible, nursing-related, and will bring some form of income....part time or other-wise.

Please feel free to share your own experiences in the writing/blogging world. I'd love to have a blog that provides self care info for mothers, general/educational info/advice for child health. I have actually started somewhat of a layout for a blog of the sorts. My mother (a former pediatric advice nurse/RN) was going to also contribute some articles and we were working on a disclaimer.

Anyways, just trying to get a 5 year plan going. I was thinking of offering an e-course, e-book, or online workshop on the blog down the line on a subjet/s that relate to the content. Maybe having a sponsorship program for extra $ and listing related books thru the Amazon Affiliate program. Also, maybe having a small "store" on the blog offering cold/flu season kits (put together by us), or linking up with a site I'd be a rep for (like doterra essential oils).

Overall, I'd want it to have the idea of being a a combo "one stop shop" for self care advice for mothers/women and educational info for child health. I don't want it to be "all over the place."

Ok, sorry this is so long....all my posts end up this way...ha. The ideas are just brewing! :doh:

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

***one other thing to add, is if down the road I obtained my wellness coach certificate, I'd consider offering those services on the blog as well.....I'd just want to try to monetize it in various ways so there's smaller multiple streams of income rather than just one flow. I've seen this work in the general blogging world, but haven't seen too many nursing/health/wellness blogs take this approach. I run my own personal blog and have done extensive blog research. Ok thanks again!

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What a timely post! I have just started a blog, last night! I have been wanting to do this for ages and finally took the leap. I must say I am a total newbie at it but love to write and I have got to start publishing for professional reasons. Yes, your post was long, just like mine always are, too--because we like to write ;)) .

I joined Wordpress.com. It sounds like you have researched this a good bit. Yes, how wonderful would that be to actually make money blogging.

My direction with this blog is wavering and I have to rein it in. It has to be educational and not just rants and raves depending on my mood du jour. Focusing on a subject is crucial. Not being all over the place like you said.

I recently attended a conference and attended a session that talked about blogging professionally (actually was about marketing in general and blogging was discussed). Wordpress prompted me to decide if I wanted to register my username as a .com with them. I don't have a .com right now but will be getting one soon. So today I emailed the lecturer to ask some f/u questions on blogging and I'll pass on her answers to you if you want.

Well, I am going to end this here, but I would love to talk with you about all of this some more so if you get this message let me know. Nurses must publish. We have lots to share. Blogging is considered publishing. If you blog, you're published. You can tell people you're published. :))



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I have set up few blogs using wordpress. Message me if you have any questions.

Few tips:

1) writing articles on what is important to other nurses and not necessary what interest you the most. You can search with google trends or twitter.

2) learn backlinking well. This means becoming involved on multiple message boards that allow you to put your website address in your signature (this site does not and they will ban you if you do). The number of high quality websites that link to your site will tell Google where you belong in pecking order when someone does google search. 95% of web traffic comes from being on first page of google for your specific keyword or niche.

3) Social Media - it will be your best friend in getting your blog on the map. Google does not reward social media sites as much as say established community message board or web established web site that is in your niche but it is increasing becoming powerful. Facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc should be spring board to your site. Remember goal is traffic to your site and not just become well known on social media sites.

4) Speaking of niche - you will do much better if you pick a niche and become an expert in it. The sheer number of blogs out there has eliminated the need for broad based blogs. Users are looking for specific well written, intelligent information geared toward their specific need.

Good Luck


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I'd like to second Overtonis's good advice to nurses wanting to blog for a living. I'd like to add a bit of advice for the newbie too, but first let me clarify, my blog is to serve as a platform for my self-publishing ventures, I'm not a nurse professional blogger. I hope to set up an income stream from my books, but I do see potential in income generating nurse blogs, but you have to think long term and make a plan. The key to success is Overtonis's tip 4. Find and define your niche and target audience before you even start.

The whole foundation of a nurse income generating blog rests on you being able to write intersting articles. If you're not sure if you can blog for a living the best way to start out is a free Wordpress or Blogger Blog. There are lots of abandoned blogs out there. On the free blog you can't advertise to bring in money, but at least you can find out if blogging is your bag. If it's not fun, the writing will grow heavier every day.

The first day I named my blog, but couldn't come up with a caption or tag line.(Big mistake that reflected poor planning). I learned after a few days that having a tag line or caption keeps me on a writing target instead of being all over the page. So, name your blog, define the tag or niche, and make your blog categories fit the niche. This will help advertisers know what ads to give you as well. My categories are Self Publishing and Writing tips, Health and Life, and My books. Each post I write is tagged with one or more of those categories. As your blog and interests grow, you can make more categories.

Once you determine you can blog topics regularly and enjoy it, then move to a hosted web site and become an advertising affilate. There are lots of sponsors to choose from. You don't lose the posts in the free blog, they move with you to the hosted site. I'm not great with Social Media, but I inserted a Sociable tower at the bottom of each post so readers can share with friends if they like it. If you're already on Twitter and FB and enjoy a following, your blog will take off much faster than mine has.

I'm barely out the gate with my blog, but I've received a few comments. Big Yeah moment! I haven't added advertising, I'll do a little in time, but it will never have two side bars full of ads or banners which is where professional bloggers make their living. A blog can be fun but it is work. People come to the blog to learn something unique from someone who has been there. It's the content not the advertising that brings in followers. For retired nurses looking for a second income stream, I see potential with it. A nurse that can research and write short e-books on their chosen topic or niche will do well if they write on high demand topics.

For example off the top of my head, I think a nurse familiar with NICK-U could write a great ebook on things parents can do when they visit the unit and things they should do to prepare for when the baby comes home. Bascially play or touch recommendations. Most parents questioned how to hold their baby, could the baby hear them, where should they stroke the baby etc. The key is to deliver information lost in translation from the docs and nurses to stressed out parents. Think of it as a parental tip book. The ebook can be sold from your website or even Amazon. I've seen people write small e-books on their hobby-how to train a lazy dog. The potential is out there but expect money to start slow; it's a long game.

In the blog world, I had to learn a whole new jargon with themes, links, plugins, and widgets Oh My! Starting a free blog is like sampling dessert. Give it a taste. Good Luck and comment back here if you take the plunge!

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This is a very interesting thread because I have been working on a similar idea for over a year. I set up a website (although not yet launched) and wordpress blog. My topics range from natural health and beauty to inspirational stories of entrepreneurial success. My niche group are women both young and old. My website will have the blog attached and is set up almost in the style of a magazine. I stick to five topics but set it up so that I am flexible about what to publish. So that if I didn't have anything to report on say natural health that week I could pick another one of the five features. I had to take a time-out on all of the above to finish writing my book related to empowering young girls to use their talents and entrepreneurship. I found I was putting the cart before the horse because I didn't have a product to display or the expertise linked to writing a book. Now that the book is done - only editing is left - I can't wait to get back to blog and website. I also plan to have a store - and now have something to offer lol.

I noticed that blogging on an established blog that had a similar demographic brought a ton of attention and my blog got a lot of hits, it also elevated my company name on google. Too bad I wasn't ready then, but it does work. Let me know your progress.

Rodoon, BSN, MSN, RN

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Passionflower: I think your book idea is great especially since it presents entrepreneurial concepts to young girls. I can't count the times my nursing friends and I would toss the idea around. We had no learning template from schools or even nursing schools for setting up a business. I hope that's changed. Good tips about the cart before the horse. LOL we all live and learn. You've obviously given your site set-up a lot of thought. Once the book's ready, go back and drive the traffic.

I'd like to add for readers that choosing the right theme for your blog or website is important. I'd advise anyone thinking of blogging to read up on this. I chose a free WP theme, but if I were putting up a store I'd pay extra for a customized website that's interactive. My blog doesn't have drop down tabs from the header or footers. All I have are my posts and one side bar and it's working for now. You can check out my blog (it's in my profile) as an example of a personal blog verus some of the others out there. I'm selling my book and I've put up an amazon search box. I love my theme but it wouldn't work as a store like passionflower mentioned.

I'm practicing my blogging skills before I jump onto a blog carnival like mentioned above. No sense driving traffic to your site if you don't have articles up or something to keep them there. Good Luck passion flower.


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All great comments and ideas, the biggest thing is to define your niche and blog from your heart

and from what you know , what drives you, what is your passion?

Insert video in you blog, in the form of Youtube or vimeo videos!

Dont waint untill all the lights are green before starting!

Just get started and adjust as you go, you will get better,

Social media and content syndication is also critical for online exposure.

Good Luck , just go for it!

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I am in the process of writing an e-book and developing a health-related blog/membership site/store. Its all about learning the fundamentals of internet marketing AND copywriting. I'm a newbie and still learning. It can be a lot, but I'm learning as I go. I'm working on a business plan on my niche. You can also look into starting a nurse-relate newsletter, magazine, ebook, membership site, etc. Skies the limit.

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I haven't visited allnurses for awhile, but I ran across this thread when doing some other research.

I am an RN but make my living as a full-time freelance writer.

I'm happy to help any nurses who want to become writers. I've mentored a couple of nurses into the profession already. It's a great way to earn a good living, find fulfillment and help a lot of people.

Best wishes to all the great nurse bloggers and writers out there!

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Hello semisweetchick,

I have considered writing as an alternative career. I am very interested in talking with you further. Feel free to message me.

I just recently jumped in the game. After getting my bachelors and then my masters, I realized how specialized my job is at this point. If, god forbid, anything happened to my career, I'd like to have other income streams. Many financially savvy bloggers recommend having multiple "buckets" to drink from! Trust me, it is possible but hard as heck to get noticed. I believe we are all very well educated and have a lot to share so why not? The market is getting tight for nursing publishers and bloggers, but differentiating yourself and marketing yourself can really help! I'm not really making $$ yet, but I hope things pick up as I keep writing and learning! ----

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I wrote a short ebook and published it on Amazon Kindle, the sales have not been all that good though, so need to work on my marketing. Not sure where to turn for that though. I created a FB page for it and written a couple of articles for LinkIn but like I said, beyond that, I am struggling. Thing is writing interests me, marketing? Not so much.

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Create a blog site where nurses write all the content! With different categories for all nursing specialities! Oh wait, that idea has already been taken... Sorry I couldn't resist...

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I've published a book on how to start a nursing business and I'm currently working on a second.

In addition, I write blogs and articles for a nursing magazine. It doesn't replace my income, but it sure is nice to have supplemental income from it.

The problem with Wordpress.com is that they won't let you monetize your blog in any meaningful way. I'd recommend starting a self-hosted blog sooner rather than later. Here are several tutorials.

Professional Websites | PBA Nursing

I wrote a short ebook and published it on Amazon Kindle, the sales have not been all that good though, so need to work on my marketing. Not sure where to turn for that though. I created a FB page for it and written a couple of articles for LinkIn but like I said, beyond that, I am struggling. Thing is writing interests me, marketing? Not so much.

A couple things you can do.

1. Lower the price. Even do a $0 price for a week to gain reviews. Reviews are very important for Amazon.

2. Put excerpts on your blog and link back to Amazon for the full book.

3. Start a mailing list and e-mail people promoting your book.