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  • Oct 23 '17

    Quote from ocnrn63
    if you're bored, try another specialty. you need to get at least a bare minimum of experience before you can be a credible np. why would you ruin not only your future but also your children's future by burying yourself in debt?
    well, good point, but i have been saving up for my children's college future unlike my parents did for me (that's why i have more student loan debt than the average and i don't want my children to have to go through what i did, plus they'll have a good start). i just don't want to give up on my ultimate dream goal, either.

  • Jun 6 '17

    I've been following this thread recently as I have the same question. I've always highly enjoyed women's health and recently applied to a FNP program, but wondering if I should do just WHNP... On the other hand, I don't want to limit myself since I would like to maybe do pediatrics at some point. But I truly see myself in women's health, especially in a fertility clinic. I just love the miracle of conception and the growing belly. So, with that said, what do you all advise? If I go for FNP, can I still get into women's health or would they prefer a WHNP over FNP?

    Thanks so much.

    P.S. I applied at Frontier, which I'm hoping that they have a bit more emphasis on women's health in their FNP program than other programs.

  • May 31 '17

    I took PSY230 online via Rio Salado and I aced the class. It was all right out of the book and SO easy. Even the final was a take home test! I wish all of Rio's classes were that easy! (I attained an AA through Rio, so I've taken quite a few classes there.)