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Joined Jan 3, '08 - from 'East Coast'. anangelsmommy is a Pediatric Home Care, Dev. Dis. 21+ Program. She has '8 RN, 1 yr LPN' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'Peds, Home Care'. Posts: 226 (20% Liked) Likes: 68

Worked in pharma Med industry 10+ years, then my first born medically fragile child passed away, I decided to become a nurse. I did. First LPN, Then RN, now I am getting my BSN. Will graduate May 2016. I work part time for an agency. 3 days a week as the nurse for a 21plus year old Developmentally Disabled program.

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Pediatric Home Care, Dev. Dis. 21+ Program
East Coast
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Peds, Home Care
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8 RN, 1 yr LPN years
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