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  • Apr 21

    I want to share another story that happened to me a while ago.My supervisor called me and told me that the patient that I handled last week died and she told me that she is gonna write me up.I worked day shift and the patient died that night.The patient's bp during my shift was kinda low.It was 90s/40s.There was an order to give lasix q 3 days.I hold the lasix because of the bp.I forgot to tell to my supervisor that the bp was kind of low.But I called the cardio consult of the pt and told him about my concerns.The dr told me that the bp is ok and to hold the lasix if the systolic is less than 100.During endorsement,I told the night nurse that the bp was kinda low so I need to hold the lasix.He told me that the pts bp was okay.The patient died that night.The primary doctor got upset because if she's the 1st one to be informed,she'll order a bolus of ns right away.I was really frustrated because that day,the family was thanking me for the care that I did to the patient.Anyways,my supervisor asked me why I didnt call the primary?Why do I need to call the cardio consult.I was speechless that time.