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  • Mar 5 '11


    I got in for the WHNP/ANP RN Pre-Specialty program! I'm sure you'll be hearing very, very soon. Good luck!

  • Jul 7 '08

    :icon_hug: Hi and best wishes to everyone who has and will post here on their upcoming endeavors. I am entering ns as a mature student in Spetember (I have to keep writing that because I am thrilled!)
    I just had to say that being happy or negative is a choice we as individuals make each and every day. We choose our attitude. I choose to be aware, grateful and a happy person. That doesn't mean that I don't allow myself to feel emotions that are not positive, I acknowledge them, if there is something I can do about situations to improve my outlook-I do it and then I move on.
    If we have that kind of self awareness, insight, and attitude with the motivation to suceed in whatever we choose to do then we can do anything. Even nursing school.

  • Jul 6 '08

    If nursing is something you LOVE, it is easier, fun.

    If you are not in love with nursing, it is harder, less fun, but still very rewarding and you gain much knowlege.

    Nursing school is positive all around, it is just very challenging for most people. Good Luck and CONGRATS! :spin:

  • Jul 6 '08

    Quote from rntoben2008
    i am about to embark on my journey in to nursing school. i have dreamed of this moment for many years and it is finally happening. i am an older student, wife and mother. i know there are alot of students that fit my profile, and i would love to hear some encouraging feelings on the positive aspects of attending nursing school. i have been hearing a lot of negative feedback and it almost scares me. it makes me think i am really heading in to a war zone. please someone out there reply with some positive thoughts on your experiences.
    like you, i had waited for this chance all my life. this is the smartest thing i've ever done. yes it is hard and if you don't love it you will likely fail. but, if (like me) you absolutley love it, you will do fine. i went back to school at 42 years old, how scarey is that?? but now i graduate in a couple of months and the sense of accomplishment is wonderful. just believe that you and your family can live with "dust bunnies", your husband can cook and kids can learn to do the laundry. so it turns out to be good for everybody. it's gonna take a lot of hard work but you can do it!!!!!!