Should I reschedule?


I am sorry if this has been posted 100 times. I am due to take NCLEX Friday afternoon, so I need to make a decision by tomorrow morning whether to reschedule. I have taken HURST in January and in May, but honestly feel like I haven't retained much of anything from school or Hurst LOL I have taken numerous practice tests from NCLEX 4000, Hurst, and others. I am getting around 70% on these practice tests. I took Kaplan's readiness test tonight and got a 61 (I don't worry too much about this one because Kaplan said I would fail the GRE with a 750 and I got an 1130). I have not had the time to study that I would have liked (or thought I was going to have) and just not sure whether to reschedule. I started my RN job this Monday and if I don't pass, I have to go back to a tech, plus all the expenses of retaking. However, the only other spot open is June 6 and I have a lot going on between now and then between the new job and my daughter's graduation that is June 3. I'm just not sure if the extra time will really give me extra time to study.

My problem is that I don't know how these practice exams stack up to the real thing. It is comparing apples to oranges because none of them are adaptive like the NCLEX nor give the same picture. Should I hold out another week and get what additional studying I can in or is the 70-75% I'm getting enough to pass?

Any thoughts/advice, etc would be great.


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I'm on the same boat as you. I've resecheduled my exam for four times now. A piece of advice, clear your mind , think for your decision for ten times until you don't have doubts and importantly, Ask the GUY above to help you with your decision making. Goodluck to you. :hgu:


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if u have any may have to there a way to take it later after june 6? Like 2 weeks after yiur daughters graduation and not so close to it (but i see u have started the job already)..... to me the nclex was more like kaplan in trainer 6,7 and the qbanks....if u felt comfy with kaplan..go ahead and take it...nclex 4000 questions are content review only are NOT application but they have a place for studying...... after i failed the first time in sep 2010....i kept on resheduling my exam for about 6 mons ...took my exam on last day my ATT was expiring...and finally passed with 75 questions on april 26 2011 with kaplan and props to GOD almightly........good luck with the decison...let us know how it goes....

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Just take it. It's going to be stressful no matter what.


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Predictor tests are not to be relied upon. It can go both ways. Instead rely upon your judgement about your readiness. If you feel you are out in left field, then reschedule.


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Thanks, Everyone. I decided to reschedule for June 6. There were very few days left in June (2 others) and my contract with the hospital says it has to be done by the 28th. That left only the 6th as I work the other two days. It doesn't give me much more time with the week I have coming up, but I just didn't feel good at all about taking it tomorrow.

I'll let you know how it goes.