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I am about to graduate with my BSN and applying to grad schools. I am trying to decide between a couple of specialities for my NP. I think that the best way I can help make this decision is to try and shadow a nurse practitioner in these areas. Does anyone have any advice as to how to find nurse practitioners who might be willing to let me shadow other than calling them out of the phone book? I don't mind doing that, it just doesn't seem like it would be the most effective.


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I'm posting late, since you wrote this about 2 weeks ago, but, my suggestion is to not be shy about talking to everyone you know about the fact that you are in Nursing School. For me, I found out that many of my kindergartener's classmates moms wore scrubs and once I opened up my "not so shy" mouth to them about the fact I was in Nursing school, one was quick to offer me the chance to shadow her at work :yeah:.

It can be hard to do that, but that is how networking begins.

You might also set up volunteer experiences in areas of the hospital in which you'll run into NP's.

If you have a close or positive relationship with your own doctor's office, perhaps you can ask him/her.

You can do it! (-:

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