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  • Jun 29

    Nah. What bugs me is patients who ask for fried chicken after a heart cath.

  • Apr 22

    I try not to look at it

  • Mar 2

    Honestly I don't think it matters what the other person does for a profession, my husband is a science geek/physics/computers. What matters is being with someone who understands that nursing is a profession that gives a sublime sense of satisfaction, while at the same time having the potential to drain every drop of your energy.

    When DH and I were opposite shifts we were miserable. We felt like we never saw each other, and I often found myself up til 3am on my nights off, lonely because he was asleep in the other room. Once I went to day shift it was so much better.

    For the past year and a half I have actually been home with my daughter and finishing my master's degree. Currently pregnant with #2 due in May, I plan to be home until most likely next year sometime.

    While nursing has exacerbated certain weaknesses in my personality, such as anxiety, it has also given me a passion that I never thought I would find. My husband appreciates that passion, compliments it with his own drive and excitement, and works side by side with me on my own mental health issues.

    While all is not perfect all the time we understand that we each hold stock in making sure our relationship works, and setting up the best possible example for Emma and soon to be Elliott.

    As cliche as it sounds marriage, for me at least, is about understanding that each person is just that, a person. Like my children, we all deserve respect and open communication about our concerns, loves, and passions.

    My assumption on why nurses are in a higher divorce category is that nurses can often find themselves in imbalanced relationships coupled with a high stress, anxiety inducing profession.


  • Jan 18

    Nah. What bugs me is patients who ask for fried chicken after a heart cath.

  • Nov 19 '16

    Objective: use is the appropriate term, not utilize.

    E & T: Looks fine, I prefer a colon between the degree and school, but that is my preference.

    H of Q:
    1. Dump considerable, sounds overstated. Use "Licensed" as you are a Licensed Practical Nurse.

    2. Excellent performer...doesn't really mean anything to me. Skilled should work just fine and doesn't sound overstated.

    3. Ok

    4. Ok

    5. I would change ethical and non-judgemental to "Culturally sensitive" and dump the rest. Claiming to be non-judgemental sounds to me as bad as saying you never make errors. We all have our times when we need to sit back and recognize if we are being judgemental or not, so better to not state something that really isn't true.

    6. Clumsy wording, perhaps "Strong organizational and multi-tasking skills"

    7. Dump "possess" because grammatically it would be "Posseses" based on previous subject and tense, which then sort of makes the sentence look ironically wrong.

    8. Ok

    9. Just punctual. Always on time is repetitive.

    10. Perhaps something more descriptive. Understands the importance of meeting deadlines. However, this sounds more administrative than nursing, so perhaps something like "Values timely administration of medications, assessments, and charting."


    1. Tighten it up. Nurse managers know what ADL's are, just state you can perform the duty, no need to describe.

    2. Ok

    3. Ok

    4. Ok

    5. Ok

    6. Ok

    7. Ok

    8. Ok

    9. Dump the Hep B, it's not a selling point.

    I would ditch the whole clinical section. They know you have to do clinicals to get your license.

    Relevant Employment: Ok

    Other Employment: Would make me think you only stay in a job for about six months on average. Might be worth ditching that whole section.

    References: Most guides now state not to even include this as all employers understand references are available. See this guide for more helpful hints:

    Cover Letter: Avoid adverbs. Passion is not generally assumed to be "real or unreal" you are generally passionate or not. Dump extraneous adverbs like "very". They don't truly add

    Once again remove utilize. It is an unprofessional use of the word "use".

    Double check capitalization. I am a recent graduate from Norquest College with a diploma as a Licensed Practical Nurse in the Practical Nurse program."

    Have you sat for your boards yet? This is not clear.

    "As a teaching facility and a variety of clinical settings,"

    Tenses and subjects need clarification throughout. Who is a teaching facility?
    Perhaps something like "I am aware that your facility offers a variety of clinical settings, and would offer me the opportunity to gain a varied experience."

    Through my clinical practicum's I have also gained the experience in medication administration.

    Remove the apostrophe in practicum.

    OP: Sorry if this comes across as "OMG psycho edits" but I take it seriously that if you say "I have strong written communication skills" that you show that in clarity of context and meaning in your writing.

    Take the edits as you will, look over some resources, and best of luck in your endeavors!!


  • Nov 15 '16

    Now that I have children I can make this equation, for me at least: Nursing is like having children, there are moments where you are blown away by the human spirit and potential, and other times when you want to run out the door and hide in the woods.

  • Sep 30 '16

    I think it is a tough spot to be in. It looks like a very long line of mistakes were made before this ended with you. While it would have been great to have caught this, it is what it is. The patient is ok, life goes on, and just deal with the peer review.

  • Aug 31 '16

    I prefer programs that reward individuals for accomplishments. Our hospital has a comment card project where patients and employees can fill out thank you type cards for each other. These are then used during reviews and in portfolios to show positive outcomes. I carry a copy of each one I Have received over the years in my binder, and read them frequently to remind myself that what I do is important.

  • Aug 24 '16

    I am not even practicing right now and I keep my current. $120 a year is worth it for me. While I loved my employer, I never wanted to be in a position where they might push something off on me, so I wanted to be protected. I carry mine through NSO.

  • Aug 24 '16

    I am not even practicing right now and I keep my current. $120 a year is worth it for me. While I loved my employer, I never wanted to be in a position where they might push something off on me, so I wanted to be protected. I carry mine through NSO.