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  • Apr 21

    My husband can totally relate to the dinner out with friends scenarios!

  • Mar 13

    I am an HSP as well as my husband. I have the majority of the books to read during my "baby break" starting after next week, including The Highly Sensitive Child since I am pretty sure I am growing another HSP.

    I love nursing. I find that keeping a tight handle on my organization helps cope with being overwhelmed, plus I am a strong multi-tasker. I notice that when things get too loud, or a particular nurse gets a little crazy, I do tend to get internally frustrated at times (mostly since I went to day shift, but I love it anyway!).

    I have also noticed I build strong patient relationships quickly because I notice nuances in their behavior and can incorporate them into my care (i.e. anxiousness).

    I know this thread is older, but it is still very interesting.

  • Mar 6

    Quote from septvirgo03
    Good evening Nurses

    Question for you: What has been your most challenging nursing experience/situation, and how did you handle it?

    Dealing with a nurse who was my friend when I started and then turned on me when I started to take more control of my position and progress forward as charge nurse. >.>

    Patient-emotional wise my most challenging experience would most likely be taking care of a detox who suddenly turned on me and told me I had murdered her whole family and was keeping them in a garbage bag on the roof. Even though I knew she wasn't in her right mind I was down right angry with her. Luckily it was the very end of the day and I was able to walk away from the situation and cool off.

    Patient-health status wise I would say it was the 90+y/o pneumonia patient that I had for four hours from admission to death. She was a DNR and the lack of humanity some of my support staff showed was extremely frustrating. (RT would walk in when I would call pleading them to fix the BI-PaP because her sats were in the 60's and they would look at me, right at her bedside, and say "isn't she a DNR?" I understand I needed to let her go, but the lack of compassion for the situation was so frustrating for me. This was also my first patient loss in my then three year career.

    I am sure there are many other situations out there, but those are the ones that currently stick out in my mind.

  • Mar 3

    As an ADN prepared nurse I have no issue with others having BSN on their badge. Now as far as those nurses having better patient outcomes than me well...I will just bite my tongue


  • Aug 6 '15

    No matter your gender, being a minority (male in a female dominated workplace), or station in life, NO ONE deserves to be made uncomfortable at work. Report the secretary and call out the others.

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