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The following are articles I have written and shared with the nursing community. If you enjoy an article please leave a comment and tell me what you think.

Just a "Little" Word

We all grow up learning colloquial phrases. Most of us carry them as moments in our hearts of those we love, while other words move along with us, creating subtle verbal idiosyncrasies in our lives. The words I grew up with were odd grammatical positioning of "yet", such as "Are they closed, yet?" or discussing a "schnutterhoontz" which I still believe is some bastardized German word that I can't find on Google for "someone who chatters on about nothing in particular". While both of these are... Read More →

Perspective: Depression from One Side of the Bed to the Other

As I have progressed in my career as a nurse I discovered a passion. Stress management. Stress management touches all aspects of our lives with increasing urgency. As we move forward each day we are expected to manage more, accept more, think more, and accommodate more. For more what do you ask? For more of everything. In our home lives we are expected to be Pinterest parents, cooks, home makers, and community leaders. At work we are expected to carry more patients, give ever increasing levels... Read More →

Perspective: My Path to Nursing and Beyond

Back in 2000 I was a a failing science major. My ideal career at the time was a double major in Physics and Chemistry. In 1996, after failing even choir, the only words on my mind were "Academic Bankruptcy". Bouncing in and out of community centers for the next few years was basically my attempt at finding a path, but instead finding nothing but slowly mounting student debt. Around 2000 I was dating a mediocre man who suggested I "just be a nurse". I didn't take him seriously because he had... Read More →

Destiny Forward - A Patient Lost, a Future Gained

The Patient Diagnosis: Small Bowel Obstruction Age: 55 Gender: Male That was all I knew of the most influential patient in my nursing career, now and forever, that early day of my first year of nursing. Ray was all of 140# when I met him. A gentle soul from the very first meeting. He was due for a CT scan in the morning to visualize the extent of his bowel obstruction. We chatted the night away as I kept him nausea and pain free, while letting him sleep off and on. Read More →

Murder, Marilyn Monroe and the Secret Dentures

many times in my nursing career i have come across the most hilarious of patients, but one patient, who i shall lovingly call ms. brit, had a cornucopia of entertaining idiosyncrasies. ms. brit ms. brit was a 70-something gi patient who looked 45. she spoke with a melodious british accent and had a smile that melted even the sternest of doctors. scd’s a pumping and dilaudid pca a beeping her and i had the most interesting of nights. marilyn monroe and the tv pope ms. brit had a... Read More →

Putting the Hospitality Back In Hospital

Icebreakers. “Please tell us your name, hometown, reason for joining the nursing program and clinical experience. Maria, let's start with you.” “Maria Sanchez, Milwaukee, WI, I joined because my mother was a nurse and I respect her so much for the job she does, and I am currently a CNA at UW Hospital on the transplant unit.” “Very nice, Tait go ahead” Gulp. Read More →

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