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  • Jun 8

    Wow MunoRN. I didn't know this. That doesn't leave much else places for an IV to go!!!

  • Mar 20

    This is an easy one!! You've got this! On another note, I'm hoping this is just a critical thinking exercise and not an actual scenario or I'd fear your patient has expired.

  • Feb 27

    Wow MunoRN. I didn't know this. That doesn't leave much else places for an IV to go!!!

  • Dec 19 '16

    I graduated from UTA last year with my BSN (RN-BSN) great school!! Even took statistics online and made and "A" [emoji15] good luck y'all! It's a terrific school!

  • Dec 8 '16

    I was wondering if yall could help me to identify the appropriate PPE for handling Cytoxin. Currently my manager says that since our facility has the hood, we do not need any kind of face protection. From what all I have found, one needs a gown, gloves, goggles and respirator. Does all this include the use of the hood? Or does the hood replace the need for facial protection. Also would a face mask with eye shield in addition to the hood be appropriate? Thanks in advance.

  • Nov 24 '16

    I started out on nights. It's a big adjustment mentally with those hours. But in all honesty it's a perfect shift to learn without being overwhelmed by all the day hustle and bustle. You'll do great. Good luck!

  • Jul 27 '16

    Seems to be a hot button for nurses in general, and pulls them in from the general site.[/QUOTE]

    Darn right this is a hot topic. At least for me it is. I get highly offended/annoyed when MAs get called nurses. Happens on a daily basis and it seems to be happening a lot from doctors!! I worked insanely hard to get my degree and would appreciate it if other people in the medical profession recognized that. I'm not saying I don't value my MAs. Would just be nice if the general public and others would notice the difference. One of the hospitals here have gone to color coding the staff so that the patient could be able to tell the nurse from the housekeeper and so on.