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    Quote from brownbook
    I am tooooo old, I hate changes....I won't be able to figure it out .
    LOL - Theres good news then ... There is nothing to figure out.

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    it will only display if there are UNREAD comments ...

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    we have a link to go to first UNREAD post ... view attachment

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    Keeping You In The Loop

    It's true that everyone is moving to mobile these days. Our mobile traffic is growing! With that said, we have to make some changes.

    Home Page Changes

    Our Home Page will now display TRENDING topics. This includes all types of topics (ie, thread, articles, etc) where engagement is high Topics listed on the page have been posted within the past 72 hours (in the Breakroom it's longer).

    In addition to the above, you will now find more information about each topic such as the number of replies, username, and avatar.

    Another addition is the forum where the topic is posted. This will make it easier for you to jump straight to that page.

    The Trend link found in the Content Bar (dark brown bar above) will eventually be removed.

    A new item on the home page...

    Featured Contributors is our way to celebrate our active writers. Any writers who submit an approved article will be promoted on the main page. This is just a start. We are working on a new FEATURED CONTRIBUTORS section which will make all our active members stand out - get more readers - get more traffic. For entrepreneurs, influencers, and innovators this is a great way to create a following.

    'All Nursing Articles' Page Changes

    Our All Nursing Articles Page found when visiting the Home Page is now sorted by Last Reply. This was changed so that it behaves similarly to the forum Articles section. eg. All Nursing Articles vs General Nursing Articles For those that are not aware, the Articles link found on the Home page displays all articles regardless of the forum it was posted in.

    The additional topic information (such as the number of replies, username, and avatar) are also now available here.

    (NOTE: We do have plans to add sorting options. This will come later.)

    Thank you for your patience.

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    Of all the special joys in life,
    The big ones and the small,
    A mother's love and tenderness
    Is the greatest of them all.

    Happy Mother's Day Moms!!!

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    Time is running out. Submit your captions!

    YOU COULD WIN $250!!!

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    This is hilarious!!!


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    Last call! Get your tips in.

    We will be announcing the winner later today.

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    WOW! just WOW! (as I look for tissue paper)

    I shared your story with my kids. With a note - Give your mom a (( BIG HUG )).

    A great reminder on why we love our mothers.

    Thank you for sharing!

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    Share your most memorable Mother's Day story...

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    My favorite line...

    A mother's heart is golden. She gives birth to us, she feeds us, bathes us, teaches us, disciplines us, and most of all- loves us.
    She loves us unconditionally.

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    I had a family member go through this. It was heartbreaking.

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    I hope everyone has a Happy Mother's Day! (this weekend)


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    Are you a Highly Sensitive Nurse?

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    Timely cartoon for Nurses Week...