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    Quote from 3ringnursing
    I can't stop retching ... (And my son won't stop laughing)

    I have a terrible time getting my yak reflex to shut down, and sputum is my kryptonite.
    This really is GROSS! YUCK

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    I love these stories. They give me bellylaughs.

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    Quote from Christinebsn1
    Screaming patient yelling out "it hurts it's hurts, somebody help!"
    I walk in the room and ask what's wrong and he whips the covers off and screams, "FIX IT!" All I call see is him massaging is stuff and he wanting me to "Fix It". I was mortified.

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    I am deeply sorry for the shocking loss of your husband. What you are going through is so devastating, and we all are different, and all have different ways to deal with the emptiness death of a loved one causes.
    Several years ago, I met a young man ( he was only 21 at the time). He became very good friends with my girls and I. In fact, so did his family. However, my youngest daughter was raped on campus by a boy who was from a college across from the town where she was attending a specialized University. She was devastated, and I was shocked when I received her call. Of course, as a parent who adores her children, my immediate reaction was so much anger I wanted to kill him.
    As time passed, she became depressed and I so wanted to help her, so I phoned Bobby. (He was the young man I'm writing about, and he became the light of my daughter's and my life.) I eventually phoned him and begged him to join my little girl because she needed some encouragement. (I had no idea he was attending the university near where he lived at the time.) He went to my daughter's university after he left the university he was attending, with only a few pair of socks a couple changes of clothing, and a couple pair of underwear, and enrolled as a new student.

    They eventually fell in love and made plans to marry after they completed their education. Both were planning on a career in teaching.
    At the end of the school year, as he and my daughter were sitting together on the gym floor waiting for the rest of class to finish testing out in Tae-Kwan-Do, He moaned my daughter's name. She looked at him as his eyes rolled up in his head, and he collapsed in her arms. He had a sudden death MI.
    It took me three years to come to terms with his death even though I went home after his funeral. I burst out crying in front of my co-workers without warning. His picture now hangs on my wall where I can look at it every day if I choose to.

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    Quote from Vintageshar
    When I was a student nurse in Pediatrics, a 6 year old boy I was admitting had difficulty getting me a clean catch urine, missed the specimen cup & urinated in my eye & right into my mouth. I ran into the bathroom, washed out my mouth & face. When i came back, the little guy had the specimen cup filled with urine & I sent it to the lab. I checked his chart days later, & much to my relief, his urine results came back normal.
    Another gross one is the time I walked in a room where an elderly woman in Bucks traction had been digging at herself & was eating her feces. She was chewing away at it like a tootsie roll & had BM all around her lips. Being pregnant at the time, I promptly went out in the hall & had dry heaves. The LPN, who was working with me at the time, removed the patient's dentures to find BM stuck to the inside, & promptly cleaned & soaked the dentures in cleaning solution in the dirty utility room. To this day, over 40 years later, former coworkers still recall me heaving out in the hall.
    I would have too. YUCK!

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    I know I would not be able todo what you do, Ashley. My hat is off to you for being strong enough to take on the duties of a Pediatric nurse. God Bless you. I am certain many more like you are needed.

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    Fantastic! Finally, a device that helps lighten the nurse's workload.

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