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  • Feb 21

    Worked full time, went to school for my LPN full time, 2 kids, hubby, the whole shebang..I not only was able to do it and graduate, i graduated with honors

    Now, had I had a choice, I'd probably go with the school only. You have to have great organizational skills and be disciplined enough to know you have X amount of time to get X amount done for school (reading, studying, research, homework etc), there is no blowing off things that have to be done for school because you want to do X instead, because you might not have that "extra" time to get back to the books, etc..if you know what I mean.

  • Jan 30

    Just need to put this out there (again)..

    Getting the last question right or wrong does not indicate pass or fail. (there is one exception to this rule, thats when you run out of time before the computer could gauge a pass or fail..the last 60 questions must be at or above the passing line. If get one wrong, you failed.)

    Getting a lot of SATA does not indicate you are/were doing well and are passing or that you have passed.

    Getting the minimum or max for that matter does not indicate a pass or fail.

    The NCLEX is a National test. No State in the USA has a harder or easier test than other State as the previous poster mentioned.

  • Jan 11

    A cool way we were taught to convert from units of say grams to milligrams etc was this:

    First you have to know bigger to smaller measurements for example:
    Kilos, grams, milligrams, micrograms.

    Then are you converting from larger to smaller? Think of the L in Larger..the bottom part of the L is pointing you in the direction the decimal place must move. For each measurement you are moving you move the decimal point 3 places. Going from kilograms to are going from a Larger measurement to a smaller one so the L is pointing you in the correct direction (to the right). Ok, so now you know which way the decimal is you need to know how many times you must move it. Kilos to grams (3 places) grams to milligrams (3 places) now you know you are moving the decimal in the kilo measurement 6 places to the right.

    The same can be done for converting smaller measurement to larger ones. The S in smaller also points you in the direction you are to move the decimal the Left (see where the bottom part of the s is the left). Then again, you figure how many spots to move it. Volia' your done.

    You do have to memorize the basic measurements from Larger to smaller k, g, mg, mcg..and so on.

    To remember grains to milligrams think of a clock. 15mg is 1/4 grain, 30 mg is 1/2grain, 45mg is 3/4grains and 60mg is 1 grain. 15 minutes after is quarter after, 30 minutes is 1/2 hour, 45 minutes is 3/4' of an hour and 60 minutes is 1 hour.

    When ever I have conversion tests I always put the L and S at the top of the page, write down the order the measurements go larger to smaller and I put a clock on the paper marked with the 1/4hr, 1/2hr, 3/4hr and 1hr and inside put the corresponding conversion...

    Hope all that babbling helped some.

  • Nov 23 '17

    lets not forget leg warmers with jeans!

    Beyond tight 'designer' jeans (Sergio Valente, Jordache, Sasoon) that went past your belly button. And you never WANTED them to fit in the length b/c you couldn't 'cuff' the bottoms if you did.

    In 8th grade or 9th, it was normal to see me and my girl friends in Levi's, work boots (NEVER tied!), thermal shirt with a flannel over it..NEVER buttoned. We were grunge before it even had a name. But we always had hair done to perfection and a face of makeup...

  • Nov 23 '17

    more came to mind:

    When you were the 'odd' one because you came from a single parent home. (my dad passed right before i started kindergarten, so my mom was a widow at a very early age and never remarried). Single parent homes (in my area) were almost unheard of, regardless of why it was a single parent home. Times changed..when my daughters friends realized her mom and dad lived in the same house and actually got along and loved each other...

    being a latchkey did and no one thinking twice about it.

    not everyone got a trophy, no one was a special didn't get rewarded just because you showed up. If you put in no effort, you got nothing. Did your very best..didn't always mean you would get something for it.

    fearing the note or call from the teacher. Ohhh what was mom going to do?!

    When a school mate got pregnant in high school and she was NOT allowed to be in school. She had to be home schooled until the baby was born. Baby was at our high school graduation...ohh the stares and the sideways looks.

    when TV was a way to escape reality..not filled with all scripted 'reality' shows.

    $5 filled your tank for the week.

  • Nov 23 '17

    Quote from fawnmarie
    @ No Stars In My Eyes, approximately what year was it when you, as a child, bought cigarettes? That is incredible! I would genuinely like to know!
    I remember going to the corner store for my mom and getting her cigarettes. I was in 5th grade so it was around 1979. Same store with same owners (who had known me since I was 10) a few years later (I was now a pre-teen to early teen) wouldn't sell them to me without a note from mom. It was around age 14 or 15 that they wouldn't sell them to me with or without a note.

    I was in high school from 1983-1987. Smoking age was 16. We had a student 'smoking area' IN the school courtyard as well as outside by the cafeteria doors. We were able to go to the smoking area between each class and during lunches.

  • Sep 23 '17

    I've worked in facilities that do both. This is just my observation but those who only used a pad overnight did tend to have more 'rashes' on their bottoms.

    When the pads are used, if the person cannot move they are sitting on that wet spot until next rounds are done. Rounds are generally done every 1 1/2-2 hrs. So that person could be in that moisture for 2 hrs. At least with the briefs, the moisture is wicked away from the skin.

    I agree with Viva that the skin should be allowed to be open to air, leaving it open to air as it sits in wetness is no good either.

    I personally liked the facilities that used briefs.

  • Sep 5 '17

    I can only speak for myself but I can honestly say that I truly enjoy and love my 30's much more than my 20's! I am "established" so to speak. I have everything I ever wanted, great husband who's a wonderful dad to our two beautiful, intelligent daughters, a comfy home, plenty of food to eat, clothes on our backs, a great job and an even better one in 7 wks! I feel comfortable in my own skin now. I don't worry about who might be saying what about me. I am far past the high school antics. (although many in my class try to pull me into the drama that they create). My older daughter (sophmore in high school) is now my buddy/friend, she is old enough now to understand what I've been telling her for years now LOL. My little one (1st grade) and I are the best buds too! Its nice to ENJOY my children and its nice that they WANT to be with me! In my 20's I wasn't as self-assured and confident, worried about who was saying what blah blah blah. Worried about how people would perseive my parenting skills (I was 23 with the first and not married to my hubby at the time) now, I don't give a rats patooty what others think of how I am raising my kids..they are MY kids and I will raise them as I see fit.

    Here's to hoping that my 40's are even better than my 30's! Which in all honestly will probably be the case as I will FINALLY be doing (nursing) what I've wanted to do since I was a wee litle girl!!

    Happy belated birthday..rock on with your bad self!!

  • Aug 7 '17

    Oh, I did say something to was during graduation AFTER they sent my paperwork to the State for clearence to take the NCLEX and I had my NCLEX test date...

    After I had accepted my diploma, I stopped right in front of her leaned in and I hissed in a hushed tone ..she had better hope and pray I never ran into her in the community because I could not promise her I would not lay her out. Her face was priceless. This was a woman of close to my age (I was 39 and she was only a couple years older than I). I did see her out in the community (we lived in the same general area) looked her dead in the eye. She saw me, spun on her heels and went in the other direction.

    Of course, now thinking about it I really should have reported it. Why I didn't, I'm not sure.

  • Aug 1 '17

    I worked two jobs as an LPN, full time for an insurance company (40 per week) and 16 hrs per week in a SNF. I was also going to school full time for the LPN to RN bridge. (husband, 2 children, blah blah blah)

    Currently I work full time for the insurnance company and 16 per week for an outpatient office. And going to school part time for my RN t BSN.

  • Jul 29 '17

    A month before I turned 38 I started my LPN schooling. Graduated a couple months after turning 39.

    At 42 I started the years worth of pre-reqs for the LPN to RN bridge, and at 44 I graduated with my ADN.

    In a couple of weeks my first classes for the ADN to BSN begin at 44 1/2 years old to the day.

  • Jul 24 '17

    I found that the "out of left field" and weird NCLEX questions more resembeled the Kaplan ones than they did the Saunders or Lippincott. But the more detailed rationales that the Saunders and Lippincott gave helped me when I was doing the wacky NCLEX questions.

    so I guess Kaplan does help in the sense that they train you to expect wacky, weird, out of nowhere questions. :uhoh21:

  • Jul 23 '17

    A month before I turned 38 I started my LPN schooling. Graduated a couple months after turning 39.

    At 42 I started the years worth of pre-reqs for the LPN to RN bridge, and at 44 I graduated with my ADN.

    In a couple of weeks my first classes for the ADN to BSN begin at 44 1/2 years old to the day.

  • Jul 20 '17

    Just re-read my orig reply to this post from 4/22/ the time I was in the LPN to RN program.

    Fast forward..graduted the RN program and continued on for my RN to BSN. Still worked full time job (40hrs/wk) and a part time job (24hrs/wk) and graduated cum laude with my BSN this past May.

  • Jul 18 '17

    I'd be looking at the indications for use (what diagnosis warrants this type of med) the classification of the med..and warnings/precautions of the med.

    If you look, you'll see a pattern of side effects and warnings/precautions with certain classifications. Once you get to the body systems you'll understand WHY that med does what it does and WHY it causes side effects etc.

    While I was in LPN school we had to do "drug cards". Take a look at this should help..(check out Yummy Chocolate's link)