Musings of a Night Shifter

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A nurse just trying to survive those unpredictable 12 hour night shifts that I actually love

Hope is NOT for the faint of heart

by WildcatFanRN - Like many on this board I went to RN school hoping to improve my life both personally and financially. Like many I have prior student loans that have gone into and out of default and I was...

Patients who have changed our lives

by WildcatFanRN - There is one person though who taught me through the way he viewed life that we can't control how a person will live no matter how much information and teaching we give. Johnnie was a very brittle...

A Patient who Changed my Life

by WildcatFanRN - He Just Wanted Someone to Listen We have all been there. You are in the middle of your morning medication pass, and it actually looks like you might actually get off work on time when it...