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    I let my nursing license lapse in 2011 after I became a Stay-at-Home-Mom. 1) How do I get my license back? I've looked at the NCBON website but I can't determine where to begin. Background check first? CEUs first? When do I do the application on the NCBON website? 2) How many CEUs do I need? What website offers free credits? Who offers good refresher credits? 3) Do I get it back and then request inactive status? Retired status? I only want it back "in case of." I graduated nursing school in 2005 and some laws were changing so I just missed a cutoff and never had to do a renewal.... And then it was due when I was not working. I would appreciate any guidance offered. Thank you.

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    Quote from lc177985
    Also, since I am there all day I do a lot of lifting and transfers that I wouldn't do in a hospital
    I would say lifting and transferring one person - learning how to work with them and establishing a rapport - is much better for your back than hospital lifting and transfers. Of course, this is case specific and so I am wondering if your patient is a total or can they do some/most of the work?
    Well I think I've changed my mind. In the hospital you have lifts (if your floor is lucky) and there is always someone around to help you boost someone up in bed (if your floor has good teamwork.) Lots of factors are involved. I can't decide but I hope that I gave you something to "chew" on. Above all else guard your back. Injuries are cumulative and can show up years after the insult. Once you back is gone - you are facing limited options.

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    I'll have to check our policy on colonized patients. I know they are placed on contact isolation, regardless.

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    Quote from LoriAnnRN
    I can't go into details about my daily routines, but I did home health for about 8 years and I really enjoyed it. It has it's negatives but remeber this: your worst day in home health is still 5 times better than your worst day in the hospital setting!
    Really? I am looking for a change. Even with gas prices being nasty - I think this is worth it.

    My Mom was a HH RN the whole time I was growing up. I've done my year in med surge. I'm ready to actually have time to take care of my patients. Any advice to me while I sit on the fence, so to speak, and peer into your world?:spin:

    The hospital that I work at now has an IV team and lab techs come to the floor to draw blood. I have never drawn blood. I've started *maybe*10 IVs but always got in on the first try. (I was holding my tongue right.) Is that inexperience too bit of a disadvantage for me? My mom is a phenomenal RN and would teach me in a heart beat if I could find somewhere to buy phleb. supplies. I know she and my husband would "donate" their arms to my cause.

    I want a normal schedule - I work 12 hour nights. I want time with my patients...quality time where I get to be a nurse to them. I want time to stop and use the restroom. I want my health back - lots of sickness since I started working nights. I want my sanity back - stress/anxiety increased since began at hospital. No matter how much team work is at the hospital there is never enough to make up for the lack of *quality* nursing care.

    Cross your fingers for me. I'm going to call Mom in the AM (oops, I mean in a few hours!) and ask her what the pay scale was when she was working as a Super. in HH.

    I suspect this is the path that God has been nudging me towards. I remember wanting to do HH since I was a little girl, riding around with Mom on call, before HIPPA. I would go and camp out in the car while she went in. Sometimes people would spot me and insist that she bring me in. I remember smells from people's houses, I remember patients Mom had who loved her. I want to be able to help people the way Mom having the time to spend, teach, care, heal.

    OMG I am rambeling. Time to go lay down and rest until I think Mom is awake. Then.....I call her.

    Thank you all for your stories. I think I have been inspired by you, as well.

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    Quote from Lorelai22RN
    Wow, I could have written this! I feel the same way. I will reach my year mark next week.......I have already secure an 8-5 job with a insurance company, that pays a bit more than I make now, ho holidays, weekends, no patient care, I'm still gonna stay prn at my current job but I have been feeling overwhelmed just as you do......I started really looking and applying for jobs about 4 months ago. I was so miserable. My last day is Friday! I just got done working the weekend shift.........and it was hell. The job I am gonna start in a week and a half, the ad said 2-5 years experience preferred, hired me! They said they will train I would apply to things that interest you even if it says it wants more experience........there are other things. Bedside full time is not for me..........I work on med/tele and it has been hell...........yes I have learned alot but it's time to move on, it has drained me mentally, emotionally, physically........good luck to you.
    Thanks. Looks like I'm two years older than you but you have 1 UP on me in the happy-with-my-job category. Best of luck to you with your new job. I hope that you find happiness - where ever it is for you!

    As for me...I may just take your advice and look for something that interests me - despite the experience that I do or do not have.

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    We, along with three other floors swab folks as soon as they get in the room. Most of the time I send the swab down to lab with a chart sticker before lab can print a sticker off and send it up to me.

    If positive we place on contact isolation and we treat with IV antibiotics and usually a topical antibiotic to the nares daily.

    If they have a history of MRSA they automatically get placed on isolation.

    At a staff meeting I suggested staff be swabbed. I think my manager is part politician because you've never seen someone change subjects so fast. "thats not an option. Now the next thing I want to talk about is..."

    If they swabbed the staff...there would be a HUGE staffing crisis.

    We should start a survey..."Who has yes or no."


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    So what is the count at?
    #thinking about quitting?
    #sticking with it?

    I have a new name for nurses: masochists.

    I do find satisfaction every morning at 7.30 as I leave...I look back on the night...think about the hell...and think about the fact that I (ME!!!) made it through the night.

    I still wouldn't mind a M-F 8-5 job. No weekends/holidays/stress. Until something better comes along...that is realistic....I'm sticking with masochis...I mean nursing.

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    Oh God! I'm not the only one! I'm not the only one! Woo hoo!
    I just posted a "vomit session" a couple of hours ago. I suppose it was venting and seeking advice...but a lot of my problem is solved by decreasing my something easier. Ugh. Still more to think about. Lots more. GOOD LUCK YA'LL!

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    Quote from rigmedic
    You could hook her up to the monitor, start pacing her, and increase the millivolts until she decided to get up.........
    ....I think I just wet myself.

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    Been there, done that, didn't buy the T-Shirt. I'll help you in any way that I can...just ask, okay?

    P.S. - I tried everything...sometimes more than once. Last and final thing was Chantix. It did the trick.

    P.P.S. - Sometimes all of the planets have to be aligned, you have to be in the right mindset, and then you have to take 10 steps backwards and yell, "Voodoo!" (just kidding!)

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    Hiya there folks. Ever feel like you are suffocating? Ever feel like you are going to explode because of the panic inside? Well I feel as if I could pop wide open right now! (And two days before I work, and all days that I work.)

    I do.

    I think I hate working in a hospital. I work 3 days and am off 4. The first 2 days off are great but then I start thinking about going back on days 3 and 4 of my days off. I absolutely dread it from the bottom of my heart.

    I am wondering what else is out there for me. MDs office? Health Department? I have my BSN but feel incredibly inadequate due to the "over education" I got in the theory portion and "under education" I got in the clinical portion. I have gotten a lot of experience in the year that I have been out on the floor. Problem that I hate being stressed out, hate having a heavy patient load, hate not spending time with my patients, hate running my butt off, hate worrying about reading the latest update to some stupid policy. I hate working nights and being away from my husband when I know he is home in bed....where I know I belong. I hate not being able to sleep on the nights that I am off. I hate not having time to learn about my patients - and worse, no time to learn from them - because I am so busy.

    I love helping people, spending time with them, assisting them.

    I'm just so tired.

    What else is out there for me? Does anyone have any idea of what I am feeling?

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    You guys are naughty nurses.

    lol, naughty nurses

    Here is what my charting usually sounds like:
    "Pt. resting comfortably with eyes closed. Respirations equal and unlaboured. No sign of acute distress noted. Will continue to monitor."

    "Pt. awake, alert, and in no acute sign of distress. Pt. verbalizes no complaint or need. Will continue to monitor."

    A lot of times I'll chart their respirations at the same time as I chart their "activity" note.

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    I work nights in Asheville. If we are REALLY lucky and staffed beautifully we have 4:1. Some nights I have had 6 patients. Those are the nights you pray a lot and thrive on team work.

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    My floor on the St. Joseph campus of Mission Hospitals is full of great nurses - some that have been in our department for 2 or 3 decades.

    Yes, Mission Hospitals does have an IV team. From what I see it looks like a great job!