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    Quote from RNcat91
    Hey Nurses-

    I am an RN living in Minnesota currently. I worked as a nurse aid for 2 years, LPN in a telemetry unit for 2 years and have 1 year of MICU experience as an RN BSN. I currently want to relocate to Los Angeles- West Hollywood area and I have been having trouble.

    I had one interview at Providence St. John's in Santa Monica. The ICU didn't have their own critical care doctors, had carpet, and from what I could tell was seem more like a step down unit to me. They also had 18 travelers for their 20 bed unit. I was offered the job, but didn't take it. It didn't seem like the right fit for me.

    I had a second interview for MICU at UCLA Westwood. I was really excited about this job. Had the phone interview...then did not get the job.

    I have explored travel jobs with several companies. My 2 years of LPN experience doesn't count, and most hospitals want 2 years of ICU experience for travelers.

    I really want a trauma level 1 hospital MICU. I've applied to Cedars and Kaiser with no luck. Any other good hospitals people would recommend or tips on how to get a job in the LA area? Ready to leave the midwest!
    You might have to adjust your expectations. One year of experience will get you a job ...but it won't make you competitive for the most desirable ones.

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    Quote from nick2legit88
    so i took the Nclex PN on the 14th took me all 205 questions i feel like i failed but im trying to keep hope alive and stay positive i just want to know what are the odds that i actually passed this test
    Considering you've already failed twice, the statistical odds of you passing this time around are not good. People do it, though. All you can do is wait and see at this point.

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    I second NOT bringing up personal reasons. Your employer cares about what you can do for them, not what they can do for you. Think of ways your skills and level of responsibility have increased over the years. You need to let them know why it's in their best interest to try to keep you on board.

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    Quote from ckayla19
    Hi, I'm currently in the process of finding a nursing school to attend, I've been looking into St. Francis's nursing program and I was hoping someone could share their experience? I'm also wondering about the teachers?

    I'd be willing to bet that there are more than one "St. Francis" nursing schools out there in the world. You may want to be more specific, or at least post in a regional section.

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    I moved from Texas to (Southern) California, too ...but after a little research, I decided to work in Texas for two years, first. There were several new grads in my Texas group from California. They were unable to find new graduate positions in their home state. Do you have a place to live and financial support in California?

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    Quote from kathrinegaylo
    Hi everyone!!! I am just wondering if someone can help me out here.

    I am from california and i applied for rn license and was told to still take MS & OB classes.( i had the letter with me valid for 3 years ) So i decided to take NCLEX RN in the state of hawaii by God's grace I passed. Still I am pursuing my california RN license. Should I just send them a form of endorsement? or should i take the classes first and send them application for endorsement once I'm done?

    If anyone knows with the same situation as I am any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

    The reason I asked is some Other state license nurses were not required by CALI BON to take MS & OB so i am just trying my luck, if I send an application by endorsement now, there would be a chance that they will not require me anymore and convert my license right away, on the other hand I am thinking they already have my info in their system showing that they issued me a letter already for the MS & OB classes.

    Thank You, I will be waiting for your responses.
    As the previous poster stated, endorsement will not help you. I endorsed from another state and still had to send in all of my transcripts to the California BON to be considered. They didn't care that I was licensed in another state.

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    People want what they want RIGHT NOW ...with minimal to no effort expended. It's the modern way of thinking.

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    Quote from Dutch Nurse
    Hello everyone, I am a second year nurse from Holland. I wish to appologise for poor English.

    I've spent a lot of time on allnurses and learned so many things!! Thank you all for that. There is one issue (and I am sure there will be many more in the future) I just don't seem to get my head around! I scoured allnurses and the rest of the internet and could'nt find the answer!

    This is my main question (got some sub questions as well):

    Why isn't there a 'risk for' diagnosis for e.g. Impaired Oral Mucous Membrane (Nanda 2012-2014). I mean, there is no such diagnosis as Risk for Imapaird (...) Membrane.

    We are working on a careplan for a palliative oncological patient. The (written) case doesn't mention anything about signs and symptoms related to this matter, but, on the other hand, we think patients like ours are at risk of suffering from these kinds of problems...

    Without s/s we cannot just use the actual diagnosis, or can we? But don't you think we should monitor this patient's Oral Mucous Membrane condition? How would you integrate that in a careplan then?

    And, as a secondary question, if no Nanda diagnosis applies, couldn't we just leave it out but still write down actions/ interventions we would undertake (o.m.g. I must have you all rolling in the aisles by now)?

    And, as a tertiary question, can you just make up/ create a 'risk for' diagnoses as you please? (I think not, but I'm struggling to find a solution)

    I really would appreciate if someone could shed a light on this. Many thanks in advance.
    Isn't there a risk for fluid volume deficit? ...or something like that?

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    Quote from hydrochloro
    Where are you based? I'm in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
    I was in Texas ...opposite end of of the continent and a different country.

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    Quote from hydrochloro
    I currently have 8 months of RN experience under my belt. I'm currently a temporary part timer. Before my current job, I was a permanent part timer. I'm looking to apply for a new job maybe after another year at my current job. Just wondering how long it took for you guys to score a permanent full time job.
    Right away ...but location probably matters- a lot.

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    Quote from Lesleywebb
    I am looking for the best way to do a holiday schedule for the nursing staff. Any guidelines would be most helpful
    That depends on how much staff you have and what sort of staff you have (per-diem verses full time). Most places try to take the previous year into account, though ...someone who wants Christmas off this year should get it if they worked Christmas last year.

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    Quote from nurseguy22
    I am a nurse at a major hospital where I have worked over a year after gaining my ASN. I have returned to get my BSN. What I'm not understanding is why there is such an ENORMOUS disconnect between what I do at work and the class work I need to do. It doesn'y apply at all. I have to take family care classes and informatics with very little practical application. I have to memorize all the rules of APA. My patients don't care if I can wrote a wonderful APA formatted paper. They just don't. It's like there is no appreciation in BSN education for what nursing is really about. At no time will I EVER do a CFIM on my patient or a PEEK readiness assessment. Get real. Where is the disconnect? Everyone I talk to say's the same thing about their BSN program, that it is completely useless. Who decided that nurses needed extensive training in social work and paper formatting?!?! I don't deal with social work. I have a team of social workers for that. At no time will I ever be in a patients home trying to improve the communication between family members ect. There are family counselors ect for that. It isn't my job! Yet here I am getting trained in areas I have no interest in, and will never ever use in my career. And for what? So I can say I have 3 letters behind my name and the school and hospital can make more money? Its a joke. I'm learning nothing of value. I would drop out and find a new school, but everyone I talk to has the same opinion about where ever they went. Basically healthcare has become obsessed with accolades, but forgot that those accolades were supposed to represent a level of expertise.

    Why is there such an enormous disconnect between real life nursing and nursing education??!?!?
    But have you seen the way that some nurses write on here like they have never heard of a punctuation mark capital letter or paragraph so idk because maybe the witting does help even if its not something thats used everyday or even used at all because they hopefully you wont come out sounding like you failed the fifth grade twice, personally i will probably not get my bachelors unless i have to because i'm already old and a little tired and i can find work without it until i retire, but i do believe that more education is always better

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    Quote from Labrat99
    Hi. I'm a medical lab scientist and wanted to connect with nursing staff. It seems there is a lot of miscommunication between the two departments. I'm hoping to learn from you guys what lab can do to improve relationships. Most of the nurses I work with are awesome and they have my deepest respect. I could never do what you guys do. That being said I sometimes feel that nurses need more understanding of exactly why we do the things we do on lab. Hoping to get some positive feedback on how we can both help each other.
    There are no conflicts between lab and nursing at my job fact, there are no conflicts between any departments. When people are at each other's throats, it's usually due to short staffing. When there's plenty of help to go around, nothing seems too upsetting to anyone.

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    I would ask myself what my long-term goals were and act according to that.