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No Barriers

"Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care." We are nurses; essentially our main role is to "care" for the sick. Working in an institution which caters to patients belonging to different nationalities and cultural backgrounds, I sometimes come up short with the means of communicating with them. Not everyone speaks English and while I can fluently speak the main language of the region, there are other patients who come to us equipped only with the language of their own... Read More →

The Broken Man

“Poverty is the worst form of violence.” –Mahatma Gandhi When I went to work that day, it was with a heavy heart. I was preoccupied with my own thoughts and was just wishing that I could just go through with my shift as peacefully as I can. Little did I know that I was about to receive a wake-up call from reality. Little did I know that I was about to be slapped with the cold truth that I really was living a sheltered life. My problems were so little compared to what others are going... Read More →

Dear Nurse

"To do what nobody else will do, a way that nobody else can do, in spite of all we go through; is to be a nurse." Dear Nurse, I hope you get the time to read this one because its written just for you. I know you can never have enough time to do all you have to do, let alone to read this letter but I hope you can sit awhile and ponder on these words. You are tired. You are frustrated of all that is going on in your life. You feel that you are not appreciated let alone noticed for what you... Read More →

The Ramblings of a Nurse

"No man, not even a doctor, ever gives any other definition of what a nurse should be than this - 'devoted and obedient'. This definition would do just as well for a porter. It might even do for a horse. It would not do for a policeman" ~ Florence Nightingale It's 0200H; the hallways are deserted except for a few nurses checking up on their patients. It is quiet, except for the humming of the machines and faint rustling of the sheets as the sleeping patients toss about their beds. In this... Read More →

A Tribute To My Mom

My mom has been born with a congenital heart defect. So, her family has been very protective of her. So protective, that, they wouldn't allow her to get married for fear that she would die of childbirth. But my mom was a stubborn woman, despite of her family's objection; she married my father and had two children with him. I grew up seeing my mom being admitted to the hospital too many times. Her condition worsened through the years and her heart just developed too many complications.... Read More →