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Joined May 10, '15. RiskManager is a Risk and quality manager. He has '34' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'Healthcare risk management and liability'. Posts: 632 (72% Liked) Likes: 2,149

Edited to add: effective May 2017, I am no longer participating on this site. I have left up all my posts in case they may be of use, but I am not making any future comments, posts or healthcare risk management/claims expert opinions. Best of luck to all.

I have been working in healthcare risk management, patient safety, quality and malpractice claims defense since 1983.

I have worked as a risk, medmal claims defense, and quality manager at the staff, manager, Director and VP level in the medmal insurance company, lawfirm, medical group, dental group, hospital, healthcare facility, healthcare corporate, integrated healthcare system, and captive medmal RRG settings regarding physician, nursing, behavioral health, hospital, clinic, dental, hospice, home health, clinical support services and other healthcare provider quality, compliance, patient safety, liability, and insurance matters. My clinical experience includes EMS (paramedic, hazmat and training officer) and working at the bedside and lab bench in oncology research.

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