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Mine was a C-section, in the Army. Wsn't in nursing school, and at the time didn't know I would be 'ordered' into later by the Army? Slice, slice, slice- hand in, out comes a baby, in like a minute? The woman was awake, and... Read More

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    Quote from Sweet_Wild_Rose
    Heck, having that surgery doesn't stop some of them. It just means they need to find a new surgeon because the ones I work with wont do a second surgery if the patient still smokes- heart or lung.
    My NS refuses to do ACDF's on smokers. Luckily I quit a long time ago.

    Smokers have an arrogance about them. My neighbor has had problems with the mesh they use for hernia repairs and is now trying to find a lawyer to represent him so he can sue. He says that if he loses his case because he smoked at the time he will sue the tobacco company. Like they put the cigarettes in his mouth.

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    Wish I had a good story, but I saw an ORIF of an ankle in school and I thought it was pretty frickin' cool.
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    Cataract surgery is pretty cool I worked at an ambulatory eye surgery center in medical records/ scheduling before nursing school and got see many of them always fascinated me. I saw a cervical fusion during my OR rotation it was hard to really see what was going on .. Also just about anything robotic is pretty cool to watch. I find OR fascinating from a learning perspective but I love the interaction with pts u get on the floor. I'd love to see a transplant!

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