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Mine was a C-section, in the Army. Wsn't in nursing school, and at the time didn't know I would be 'ordered' into later by the Army? Slice, slice, slice- hand in, out comes a baby, in like a minute? The woman was awake, and... Read More

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    Saw a guy with facial fractures being repaired in the OR. They peeled his face right down to his nose to get to the bones. Unforgettable.
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    man...mine are boring compared to you guys...saw numerous c-sections as an extern (including a tubal ligation), and I did see one bowel resection...

    the heart transplant stories are touching!
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    Quote from Biffbradford
    Heart transplant. Just amazing watching them lift that big, soggy, failing heart out ... leaving just a big empty hole ... then replace it with this firm, healthy fist sized heart in it's place. The whole organ transplant process is too weird for me, not sure how I feel about it.

    Wow, my grandfather was a heart transplant recipient, and my stepmother a donor. I find that whole process so incredibly wonderful.
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    Quote from GrnTea
    Aw, Biffbradford beat me to it. I worked in a heart transplant unit and they let us go watch the implants of the patients we were going to be primary nurses for. The first time I saw that barely-beating heart the color of an old roast beef you forgot to cook two weeks ago come out and go into the bowl, and then the healthy fresh one go in, I just loved it. I saw it a number of times again and it never got old.

    The fun part came the next day when they came and extubated and pulled chest tubes, and the patients just jumped out of bed. Unlike most other open heart surgery patients, perhaps their pain receptors were fried from years of inadequate oxygenation. Or maybe they felt so much better they didn't notice the incisional pain. Whatever, it was just great to see them pink, chest dry, making pee, and hopeful.

    My grandfather was told something like that, what you mention about pain receptors. They told him that when he died, it was most likely to be from heart failure, basically an MI, but that he would feel no pain, just 'go to sleep'.
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    Most interesting surgery I saw was a thoracotomy for a patient with lung cancer. Got to watch while they cut open the patient basically from sternum to the side of his rib-cage. They then completely cut out a section of his ribs. I got to see the aorta pulsating from the inside, but unfortunately not the heart itself. When they took out the lung, the surgeon asked his nurse to let the nursing student (me) touch the tumor. You know, you see the images of smokers' lungs on cigarette packages, how discolored and gross they look. But to see it live, to feel it...wow. I think all smokers should go sit in on one of those surgeries...
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    Brain tumor removal. The brain pulsates with each heart beat. So awesome.
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    Bypass! It was really scary, intimidating, interesting. Mixed emotions!
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    Quote from uRNmyway
    I think all smokers should go sit in on one of those surgeries...

    That still wouldn't stop the majority of them.
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    Quote from Poochiewoochie
    That still wouldn't stop the majority of them.
    Heck, having that surgery doesn't stop some of them. It just means they need to find a new surgeon because the ones I work with wont do a second surgery if the patient still smokes- heart or lung.
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    Most interesting for me was a vaginal hysterectomy. I could not understand the mechanics of how it's done until I saw it.

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