What should be the immediate intervention if a Trach tube accientally comes out?

  1. What should be the immediate intervention if a Trach tube accientally comes out? THX
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  3. by   cayenne06
    Well, I would have to say REINSERT THE TRACH TUBE! lol

    I had this whole long thing typed out, with different scenarios and variables before it occurred to me that this is most likely a homework question. Why don't you tell us what you would do, and why, and we can offer some advice and guidance.
  4. by   Do-over
    Personally, I would call the desk and say "rapid response room XXX". RT always comes.
  5. by   MyMystudentRN
    well it happened to me TWICE as a student nurse!! The first time i was changing the dressing and the strap and this pt was very sensitive to it moving. right when i unstrapped him he coughed and the tube flew out and landed on his chest. I dropped what i was doing ran in the hall and screamed help (this is what we were told to do in orientation) so the nurse i was shadowing came running in asks what's wrong then just goes over and re-iinserts the tube while laughing! im like...umm what's so funny...she just says im sorry i should have told you when this happens just slide it back right in and hold it still. so the next time it happened...what did i do? the samething she did. Even though the pt couldnt stop coughing i tried my best to do it as fast as i could. Kinda scary when it actually happens to you but imi glad to say it happened to me and i know what to do when it does happen again! lol
  6. by   Miss Kitty00
    I had this happened to me, but the pt was capped, so I called RT. If the pt was on flow-by, I probably would Rapid Response as well. You suppose to have extra supplies in your room in case this happens, yet I still don't know how to use the supplies.
  7. by   turnforthenurse
    Remember to always keep unopened trachs at the bedside as well as an obturator in case this happens!
  8. by   Vespertinas
    Like turnforthenurse said, you should have extras at the bedside. You spend all this time doing trach care and keeping it clean and now you shove in the one that just fell on the floor (or whatever)? You should ALSO have extras in one size smaller at the bedside in case it is difficult to reinsert the original size trach.