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  1. I am stuck! I got this job as a new grad, been here almost 2 years its not easy getting hired as a new grad anymore and I hate it! Its medical renal oncology inpatient med-surg in a large hospital. Learned alot, been a great start but I am ready to move on! I am currently waiting to hear from Cath Lab (and please save it for those who want to tell me I am not qualified and will fail. I am smart and I KNOW I can succeed in cath lab, yes I will be a bit behind but I WILL catch up and be succesful!) If I dont get an offer I will be crushed. I have to get out of this place, its crushing my soul and quite frankly its not that challenging. I have the nursing part down pat and no I am not saying I know everything, not nearly. The part thats hard is the families, being the secretary, room service and the maid too, all while maintaining a smile! Not to mention my population is extremely chronically ill and mostly terminal. I desperatly want to get to Surgery, ICU, Cath Lab, somewhere! I am not a bedside nurse, I feel bad but I am just not. I want to be in a more procedural type area but all the places I want to go require experience in critical care or the area. Has anyone felt the same? What areas did you escape to? How did you transition to a new area without experience in that specialty? Please refrain from nasty comments. I love my co-workers, I am awed and amazed by my coworkers who have been doing this happily for years. Its a hard job because we aren't able to just do "our role" we are every one! all while juggling 4-6 different patients. Gah! Sorry that was such a vent I am just struggling and frustrated!
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  3. by   turnforthenurse
    Being an ICU nurse is still a bedside nurse. You have less patients, but oftentimes there is so much going on with them that it can feel like you have the 4-6 patients you are used to on your current floor.

    Unfortunately, specialized areas like OR and cath lab do require previous experience...but that doesn't mean it is impossible to get into that specialty without having any prior experience. They are willing to train if it is the right person. Just keep applying!
  4. by   Esme12
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    I'm sorry you are so frustrated.....I wouldn't be crushed if the cath lab doesn't offer you a position for most of them require critical care....or at least an aggressive PCU/stepdown. If working in one of these areas is what you want you need to work towards that try to go to a step down unit....apply to the ICU.

    Sometimes there are no need monitor/acute experience.You need experience with heart pressures and what that means. I would pursue my goal by getting the experience they end up where I want to be.

  5. by   hmnorwood
    I have applied, I have applied to ICU, PACU, ER, out of school I applied to PCU, and cardiac PCU and a dozen more. I don't really want to change hospitals. I think I would LOVE Cath Lab. I know it will be a steep learning curve but I am ready for the challenge. I am clinically strong, so I have been told by co-workers and managers. I don't really want to leave my hospital. I just feel so lost!
  6. by   Esme12
    I completely understand that you love cath lab.....but cath lab may not hire you without monitor experience. Try getting into telemetry. Take a monitor/EKG course. Move to a more acute unit. You may be ready for the challenge but they may not be ready to teach you. Take ACLS...ICU PACU ER are all specialty units that require some experience. You might have to change hospitals....go per diem at the one you are at.....and get another position some where else.

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  7. by   hmnorwood
    Yeah, I hear what you're saying. So I did apply to a smaller hospital close to my home for the ICU. I will just keep looking and keep applying! Its just frustrating, I feel like my two years of med-surg count for nothing. If cath lab doesn't offer, I may just go ahead and sign up for an ACLS class too.
  8. by   eatmysoxRN
    You should take ACLS either way. It will assist you in obtaining a position somewhere closer to your goal. Good luck!

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  9. by   Lennonninja
    I took a telemetry monitoring class and ACLS (took them both unpaid since they weren't part of my "job") and then applied to a different hospital in order to get out of Med/Surg and into the ICU. My old hospital pretty much liked people to stay in Med/Surg once they got there, so that was really my only option. I'm much happier now!
  10. by   Esme12
    If you really want these positions...take those classes. It will make you the better candidate.
  11. by   SoCalGalRN
    I've only been in my MedSurg position 8 months and I am dying to get out but I know I can't apply anywhere else yet. I'm on a 2 year contract but I fully intend to start job searching at one year. I'll take the financial hit of buying out of this contract to get somewhere I want to be.
  12. by   lmccrn62
    You can grow if you want you need to take classes, get your ACLS, take a EKG course. It looks like you are interested in growing and help you get a position. No one is ever stuck unless you want to be.
  13. by   lmccrn62
    A second thought to your original post is nurses are everyone! We are the nursing assistant, lab technician, social worker, case manager, physician right hand, house keeper, dietary aide. If for one minute that changes in any other areas your mistaken. As nurses we are everything to the patient.
  14. by   hmnorwood
    Well folks I am going to the cath lab! They offered me the position and I accepted. I better hang on to my hat because its gonna be a whirlwind!