Still carrying books around

  1. Hi I was just wondering does anyone still carry around their nursing school books? I have been a nurse for 5 months now and I feel I need to carry my lab and diagnostic book along with my drug guide book. I feel I need it because the doctor orders tests I have no clue to what it is and also medications I never heard of. Also, I want to be able to answer my patients or family questions. I don't want to ask my co-workers everything. I don't want to carry it around forever, just long enough to get use to the terms.
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    This is an excellent question that i wished someone would answer. I want to start getting ready the things that I will need on my new job.
  4. by   SNB1014
    Get nursing central app. We for school. It has a lot at your finger tips!
  5. by   PediLove2147
    For meds I use our online database that I access through our EMAR. For everything else.. google. I sold all my books the day class was finished.
  6. by   classicdame
    Our Pyxis (automated medication delivery) has drug info available digitally and we have Micromedex on all hospital computers. You can get a phone version of Micromedex on your smart phone. It also has drugs and conditions to review. Of course, the Internet has all sorts of resources. If your facility has access to the Internet you just google what you want. Another good phone app is ABGstat
  7. by   turnforthenurse
    We have Lexicomp built into our computers. We can access it directly from the EMAR to get reference information (as well as patient education on medications!) and we also have calculators and IV compatibility checkers. I have Micromedex installed on my iPhone which was free and it's a great app, I honestly prefer that to Lexicomp but I cannot check IV compatibility. Some other apps I have on my iPhone are ABGstat, ACLS manual, Lab Values+, this app called CriticalCare which is a GOLDMINE of information and I believe it was free, and DripsManager. I used to carry around books as a new grad but now that I have an iPhone I just have all of my information on that now. I also consult Google lol