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I was just wondering how many people work on a Medical-Surgical floor that split up medical and surgery patients? Where I went to nursing school, the whole 3rd floor was called Medical-Surgical but one side only had medical and... Read More

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    We have a variety of separate surgical units, ortho, neuro, colorectal/gen abd, colorectal/GI, gyne/uro, cardiac. The thoracic surgeries come to my unit-pulmonary, we have medical pts of course but all our rooms are singles, there's also a lot of in-house transfers that come to us in respiratory distress, and ICU transfers. I wish we had a step down unit... Sigh.
    There's a renal medical, cardiac medical and plain old crazy old people (AKA AMS) medical unit also. Of course the surgical floors do get medical overflow pts but it has never really been an issue with clean vs dirty.

    I've worked on units in other smaller facilities that have med/surg combined in one unit and it's good to have the variety but can also be physically exhausting with the medical pts. Surgical pts I find are less physically draining as they're typically more ambulatory than some 500 lb pt with cellulitis and whose one leg weighs as much as me.
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