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Okay-- ladies and gents, What kind of shoes do you prefer and why? Please help a girl out! I just bought some Danskos and they feel really clunky. Does it just take some time to get used to... Read More

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    Quote from ec2703
    How about Allergras? They are comfy and cushy, as well as bright and fun!
    I thought about trying those the next time I need shoes. I am afraid the may be too wide. They are so cute!

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    I have a high arch and a wide foot so the Danskos are my shoe of choice. I do occasionally wear the professional Crocs with a gel arch support. I wear a 40 in the Danskos and I wanted to try the Alegria. Unfortunately, the 39 was too small and the 40 was too large. I find that my feet still do hurt occasionally but my back rarely aches since I switched to Dansko. I am on my feet for 14 to 18 hours per shift so I think my feet will always hurt a bit.

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