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I have had it. On the premise that we must get our scores up, we are now given assigned charting times, one time per shift , must chart in a break room (this never works because our assigned... Read More

  1. by   aRe2theNd
    I've never heard of a healthcare facility that prohibits their staff from sitting when appropriate...and the part about being scheduled to chart, not sure that would be feasible anywhere I've ever worked as the organization requirements of each shift, each day, each admit, and each nurse are so different. You're situation sounds more like torture. Very sad...sad for you, sad for your co-workers, but most of all sad for the patient's being cared for by nurses working under such duress...I honestly can't imagine. Thinking of you.
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  2. by   nursel56
    Quote from CrazierThanYou
    The sisters? As in a Catholic hospital?
    I think it's a bit of jargon specific to the UK - a "sister" I believe is a senior nurse - don't know how one goes about becoming a sister, though.

    Other different words I've come across a doctor is sometimes a "consultant", a surgeon is addressed as "Mr Treves" as opposed to "Dr Treves" and most importantly a "shot" is called a "jab" ouch!!

    Hopefully someone who works over there will correct any misinformation I have unwittingly provided.
  3. by   CrazierThanYou
    At our local hospital, the CNAs aren't allowed to sit down except during their lunch break. There are computers on the halls for charting and they're placed at standing level. 12 hours is a long time to be on your feet nonstop.