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Hi all ... thought it was about time to have a Med-Surg roll call .... please repond by telling us if you work in med-surg .... how long you have been there and if you plan on staying in med surg .... also, please let us know if... Read More

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    I have worked for 22 years on a med/surg unit. I love it. I cannot think of any other area I would consider working. I love the fact that I don't have the machines telling me what is going on with my patients. I love keeping my critical thinking skills in tune as well as my gut.

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    i have worked med/surg for four years and recently our hospital added remote telemetry to our's a challenge to learn all the heart rhythms but i look at it as opening the field if i ever decide to nurse manager would like me to venture into peds, which we have on one end of our floor as well, and maybe next year i will. Of course, that means PALS, and more schooling...oh well, we must keep learning...
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    i'm an rn on a 37-bed medical-surgical floor (9 private rooms, 14 semi-private) in a small hospital in an inner city. we're the designated surgical floor, but because there aren't many or cases (we have a rather large sister campus in a suburban area that has several ors) it's about half and half with medical patients.
    what i enjoy the most is our staff. i've been here for a year (after a year of perioperative sne-ing) and my co-workers are what has kept me here. i do like that i see a lot and practice skills that otherwise would be dead to me. because of our diverse patient population, and our urban locale, i see everything from in-patient hospice cases to colostomy reversals, asthma exacerbation to face lifts. however, i don't intend on staying here forever. i do enjoy it but i feel ridiculously burned out sometimes.
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    I am a recent grad working in a very busy 145 bed hosp in the Progressive Care Unit (med-Surg Tele). This is a second career for me but I plan staying on this unit until my knees give out then do Case Management on the floor while I obtain my MSN so I can teach others the caring, compassionate side of nursing.
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    I am working on a 24-room, 40-bed capacity medical-oncology unit in Southern California. I have been a RN on this unit for almost 7 months. The patient acuity has been steadily increasing over that time and many of our experienced RNs are leaving our floor. As a result, I am beginning to get the reputation as one of the "experienced" RNs on our floor. It's the only kind of nursing I know, so I have no plans to leave right now.
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    I am a Med/Surg RN with a ASN degree. I have been in this specialty for 4 1/2 yrs. I do not hold any certifications. I plan on going back for my bachelors and Masters degree. I am currently working in a 46 bed Med/Surg/Ortho unit, kind of getting burnt out. Med/Surg is a good place for new grads to start out to develop there nursing skills, but I feel it's time for a change. Don't know when I will make that change, but I am staying hopeful. It's to demanding and stressful working in Med/surg. I personally call Med/Surg the "dump unit," everything gets dumped on us. Until I make that change I am in Med/Surg the most demanding place in the hospital aside from ICU:spin:
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    I have been a nurse since 1990 and started out in Med-Surg, thought I needed a change and went to Home Care/Hospice. I returned to the hospital about a year later, and my med surg manager, said see I told you you were a med-surg nurse. I am still here and don't know where else I would go, I know that other departments sometimes look better, or an easier place to work but I would really miss this work. I am currently the charge nurse on days as well as wearing the hat of UBE. Being the UBE gives me a bit of a break of the daily stress on the floor and enjoy teaching and working with the newer people on a closer basis (not being their boss that day).
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    I graduated (ASN) last may Started My first MED/SURG position in July and I love it. I plan on working M/S for a few years and then prusuing a position in maturnity Maybe I never thought I would enjoy M/S so much. When I graduated my thought was to work M/S for a few years and then move on to L&D or postpartum. But now not sure????
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    Hey, from the Hoosier State. I was a CNA in longterm care for 2 years, LPN in longterm care for 5 years and now a ASN RN on med/surg (7 mos.). I love m/s and wished I had gone into it right out of school....most other avenue like you to have at least 1 year m/s experience (at least around my town). It is hard work but I figure it will keep me in shape!umpiron: lol May do OB someday, but right now I love the variety of m/s. I have learned SO much and do so everyday (or night, which is my shift). Anyway, nice to meet ya'll.
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    I am an RN on a 36 bed med/surg telemetry unit. Graduated May 2007:dncg:, worked on this floor as a PCA for the last year of nursing school. LOVE IT! I loved every clinical I did, and wanted to work in that area. However I feel that the fast pace and diversity of med/surg is my calling. May want to try ER in future, but may just stay here Too soon to tell.

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