Med surg nursing getting more exhausting

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    Hi Please let me know if you feel the same about patients are getting sicker demanding unreasonable n short we are getting overworked day by day.mentally physically and emotionally drained

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    Our floor it isn't so much they are getting sicker but that we're expected to do more and more with less and less staff. So yes but thankfully our new manager is looking into how to make things better since our floor has a huge-turnover.
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    I agree. We are a med/surg/tele unit at a small community hospital. I've been there five years. And each year it becomes more and more exhausting. More work and less time. Ugh.
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    Absolutely more charting charting more core measures more crazy patient 12 hour shift is not enough and they think we are get paid enough oh my! Just saying
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    On my floor we may have up to 9 patients with a CNA or 5 by ourselves... Seems like patients and families expect more from uss well as doctors and our boss. The patients are sick and there is so much to be done. Sometimes I want to say NO I DON'T HAVE TIME TO FIND YOU MORE PILLOWS THE SIX YOU HAVE ARE FINE!! I feel like my good attitude is always hidden behind being ****** off about something someone else wants/needs. I hate it. I wish we had lighter loads and then could actually take care of all our patients wants and needs.
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    Out of 24 patients today 11 were confused, one with a sitter and three in restraints. Most are incontinent requiring complete bed changes more than once a shift. It is awful. We didn't use to be like this but everyone and their mother are falling and getting subdurals it seems. Our CNAs were all in the NM's office the other day because their assignments are so heavy. I left today seriously wanting to quit. I am hoping we are just going through something and we'll get our floor back soon.
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    This thread is depressing lol.
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    It's the real thing! I know it's sad but this our world now!
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    On my floor we may have up to 9 patients with a CNA or 5 by ourselves
    Wow are you serious? The hospital that I work for just built a new hospital. We now have 7 stories with a department on each floor after the 4th floor. Our hospital layout has its pros and cons.

    1st Floor is ER/Surgery/Outpatient Services
    2nd Floor is: PCU, MICU (Medical), and SICU (Surgical)
    3rd Floor is: Women's Health (OB, GYN, Post Partum, and the baby children.)
    4th Floor is: Surgical Floor/Peds
    5-7 is the Medical floors.

    We have 36 private rooms on each of the 5,6,7th floors.

    ER ratio is 1:2-3 (Depending on acuity.)
    PCU is 1:4
    MICU/SICU 1:2
    Surgical 1:7
    Peds is 1:?? (Depends on the acuity)
    Medical 1:7

    There isn't a day we don't have a CNA, the CNA might have 14+ patients, but we still manage. The nursing sup always tries to give us over 7 patients, but the majority of us stick to our guns and refuse.

    Its not fair to have more patients then you can handle, its YOUR lisences not YOUR managers or CEOs liscences, YOURS.

    There is no possible way the nurse can assess all his/her patients, give medications, call doctors, admit patients, discharge patients, start IVs, give IVPs every other hours for chronic pain seekers without a large patient load and no CNA. I would of quit months ago. lmao
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    Patient stays are shorter, making for more discharges and admissions!

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