Flushing JP Drain

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    Got a bet with a friend about the "correct" way to flush a JP Drain. What is the correct way, from your experience? Sounds simple, but I want to prove him wrong....


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    Ummm... first you have to disconnect the JP bulb from the tubing. Then, I use a 3, 5, or 10 cc syringe (needle removed, of course) and flush it with NS. Trouble is, if the tubing is a smaller diameter than the tip of the syringe, it's kinda messy.

    Just a friendly (emphasis on FRIENDLY) hint... avoid putting people in their place, or trying to prove them wrong... because sooner or later, you'll have your own opportunity to eat a little crow.
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    make sure you go slow or you could dislodge the drain.
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    Originally posted by kewlnurse
    make sure you go slow or you could dislodge the drain.
    Agreed!! :wink2:
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    Why are you flushing a JP? They are usually attached to a bulb or hemovac primed suction.
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    Have encountered a couple of instances where the docs wished for the JP's to be flushed with 10cc NS tid to prevent blockage--even with the bulb suction, apparently these particular patients still had drains that became non-patent.
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    Thanks. I learn something every day.
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    Me too Caron, I never knew that flushing a JP was an option! I have never done it! I am guessing it requires a doctor's order? I thought this was weird, though, once I hooked a JP up to wall suction, using a special connector.
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    Ewwwww (JP to wall suction) . I never flushed a JP either. Seems like when they became non-patent, we pulled 'em.


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    had a patient come in with infected mesh...i think he was a vent. hernia repair a couple of months post-op. doc took him to surgery and ordered an antx flush thru his jp q8', so here is yet another reason we flush those jp's.

    never heard of hooking a jp to wall suction...ours our usually just to bulb suction. do you guys have any policies on milking the tubing? the only time we are really encouraged to do so, is with mastectomies.

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