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I can be nice, and I have been, for the last three days, the epitome of kindness. You can be rude, crabby, ungrateful, passive-aggressive; You can barrage me with questions, while I am trying to pull up your MAR, or page... Read More

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    Why is Esme's story hard to believe?
    I tend to be a pretty skeptical person myself, but I also know truth can be stranger than fiction.

    I have --and know others who have-- many stories that are bizarre and absolutely frightening.

    Considering Speck committed his crimes in Chicago and stayed in the area (Joliet Prison) it is not outside the realm of possibility that he would, at some point, be under the care of a nurse who knew his victims.

    Somebody has to know these people.
    This stuff really happened and is not made up for kicks.
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    The only patient I ever came close to hating was a child molester.
    Very hard to be non-judgmental.
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    I have had exasperating patients, but I usually vent about them in the med room to my bestie at work and then get over it, or think to myself when I see the assignment "I don't want this patient again..."

    No one as bad as what you've described though. Sheesh! I've had some demanding ones, but the ones who really get on my nerves are people who are "vomiting" when what they are really doing is spitting into a bucket. People who are supposed to be discharged, and then are overcome with "nausea and vomiting". They can scarf down Popsicles no problem, but usually as soon as they get the discharge instructions, the whole family charges in and then it's retch, retch, spit in a bucket. I find it very manipulative. I might be young, but I can tell the difference between real vomit, dry heaving, legit nausea, and then spitting into an emesis basin for the benefit and sympathy of family members.

    I recently had a post-op patient who was all set for discharge - stable vitals, stable labs, pain well controlled with PO meds, all PT goals met, etc - and then pitched a fit when it came time to be discharged, saying that they were and had been in intractable, unbearable pain, despite all documented evidence to the contrary. They let the patient stay another night, because of a tantrum. And the best part? They wouldn't accept IV pain med. Or any pain med, after they won that round. Gotta keep those patient satisfaction scores up! *shaking my head*

    Ok... rant over
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    Quote from Hygiene Queen
    The only patient I ever came close to hating was a child molester.
    Very hard to be non-judgmental.
    This is my main concern... will I be able to remain professional with a molester or abuser? I guess time will tell, huh?
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    YOu would be surprised what you can do for your profession and to remain professional. Usually when a prisoner in admitted to a hospital outside the prison you do not know what they have been incarcerated for so it makes it better......unless they are high profile. You can always ask to be excused from the patients care if you can't be objective......everyone will understand.
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