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Brain Sheet Diagrams

  1. 0 So I'm trying to create my own brain sheet for the med/surg floor that I'm working on.

    When I look at different examples they have diagrams on their sheet like an X or a weird fishbone looking thing.

    What are these diagrams for?

    My friend said it was to write lab values like Hgb, Hct, K, Ca, Na, etc. Is that true?

    I would post a link to a couple of examples but I don't know how...
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    Could you copy and paste the URL for the examples? Not sure what you're talking about...
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    I can't find a specific URL so I'll try to copy it:



    Here are two examples of diagrams I've seen but don't know what they mean.
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    Yes, those are for labs.

    My brain consists of things I need to remember for the shift. Labs, VS, I/O, meds, etc...
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    we use these at the place I work:

    It's hard to describe without drawing it but using "Whitecat 5000" diagrams:

    1st diagram-
    WBC >------ HGB on top and HCT on bottom of lines------< PLATELETS

    2nd diagram-
    ----SODIUM on top, POTASSIUM on bottom in first break,----/
    ---CHLORIDE, CO2---in second break ----/
    ----BUN, CREATININE in last break-----and < GLUCOSE in the arrow tail.

    Hope that makes sense.
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    I have my own sheet that I use for my patients, as well as a form detailing these notes you are talking about (I have heard them them called fishbones).
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