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I recently started working on a Med/Surg floor which is dubbed 5East, the Beast lol and for good reason. I knew it was going to be rough, but wow!!! I'm up to 4 patients by myself and have to work up to 5, even though we will... Read More

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    I've been on my own for 2 days now, and I must say that I'm doing a lot better than I thought uneasy going to do. Still very difficult as I too as trying to learn all the hospital policy and procedure type stuff. I learn something new everyday and am getting lots of compliments from my co-workers even one girl said definitely fit in well on their team! Made me feel real good! I think I must have chosen the hardest floor to work on lol...so much going on, its like multi tasking hard core! Best of luck to you!
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    Hang in there. I work in med-surg too, and I can feel and understand what you're going through. I've been here 3 years now. But I would like to think that other departments are not as demanding as med-surg. YES MED-SURG is the most difficult department to work in. Too many things going on at the same time. You've been to hell, and now you can earn your experience and go from there. to be honest, i dont think it gets any easier the longer you work there. sure you get the routine and policies/procedures down and get better with your decision making and time management, but the stress and demand of the department will never change, if not, it will just get worse. I'm not trying to sound negative, but yeah it does happen to be a fact. the turnover for nurses just speaks for itself. nurses leave on average 1 year later.

    I know someone who worked in med-surg as an RN for 5 years. it was a med-surg/telemetry floor in the state of washington. he said it was a really demanding job. i asked him why doesn't he go to another department. he said he would love to work in another department. But that he wasn't in a rush to go anywhere since he was still fairly young. In his late 20s at the time.

    Now he quit his job. No he didn't leave for another department or another hospital. He quit his job outright after paying off his college loans, debt, and earning a significant amount of savings to fund himself for the next 4 years of his life without working. and decided to take a career break and travel around the world for 2 years with the savings he's made working in med-surg. I asked him if he would go back to med-surg again after his travels are over. he said he won't do it. the experience he gained were valuable, and he became a better nurse working there, but it was a tough place to work in he said. He said he'll go back to nursing after he's done traveling, but he won't go to med-surg.
    1 year later, he's still traveling. why am i telling you this story, well i just thought it sounded interesting.
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    Quote from Wheaties
    1 year later, he's still traveling. why am i telling you this story, well i just thought it sounded interesting.
    It is interesting and thanks for sharing all the info! Medsurg is definitely challenging.
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    3 days on my own now, and I'm like, "what was I thinking?" Lol, working on this floor is crazy...I got an admit at 0530 (I work 1900-0700) and didn't get to leave until 0900. I was so tired, and already feel like I'm in over my head with working on this med/surg floor. It's really tough, and often find myself feeling like I want to run and cry lol. Patients act like they are your only patient, day shift nurses leaving me in a mess, which makes for a bad start of my night (I have already learned to show up early and go behind certain nurses that are obviously taking advantage of me being a "new nurse"), and no one wanting to help me, but always wanting my help, and just running myself to the point of not wanting to ever return again. I'm venting of course, but its been tough. I think the reply above about med/surg floors always going to be difficult no matter how long or how much experience you have is correct. I see great nurses with 5yrs + still not getting out on time or looking like they want to cry at times too a.d getting frustrated. Still going to hang in there, but definitely holding my ground to crappy nurses that have no business being nurses in the first place. I'm not so new anymore and not going to allow the other nurses push me around and leave a huge mess for me (orders being in the Dang box for 4 hrs or more and they just leave them there for me), and stuff like that. Now I see why most don't last very long on floors like these.