What is the best mds cert to have?

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    I think I have an answer to this but what is the best certificate to have to become an mds coordinator? I'm thinking of doing it through the aanac but I want to make sure I'm investing my money in the right time and place. I'm also trying to figure out if their ceus are good in nj, if anybody can confirm that for me I would be grateful.

    I work at a ltc place And I've only been an rn for a wopping 8 months, but I work on the floor and on mds. We had a unofficial 3 day workshop in 3.0 and I can work my way around the nursing sections and careplans very well. Calculating ards and medicAre related stuff still eludes me. Will I have a decent grasp of such things if I take a certificate program? I really want to learn beyond just the nursing sections of the mds.

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  3. by   Bella'sMyBaby
    The only one I am familiar with is AANAC.
    AANAC is recognized Nationally.
    There are Companies that pay for AANAC Certification.
    Check the AANAC Website for this information.
  4. by   FocusRN
    This is not a certificate program, but a series of courses that are worth CEUs, I really have enjoyed it, and I am not an RN yet (New Grad!), but I am trying to get more open doors for the future.

    Introduction to MDS 3.0
    Interviewing for MDS 3.0
    MDS 3.0 and RUGS IV: What you Need to Know
    MDS 3.0: Sections A through Z
  5. by   Talino
    Quote from cherubhipster
    Will I have a decent grasp of such things if I take a certificate program?
    You have hands-on involvement. You have the desire to learn beyond (a strong point) and your weaknesses are isolated. Why not devote the time reading that chapter of the manual instead? It's the same manual a seasoned MDS coordinator uses and the same manual the lesson plans are derived from by (self) certifying agencies.

    Most nurses take the certificate programs because a hiring facility requires one, unbeknownst to most of these employers that a sole 3-day course-certified MDS coordinator doesn't make a proficient one.
  6. by   cherubhipster
    Thank you for the advice! I decided to start the Aanac course series and I'm moving along pretty quickly. I'm realizing as I take the courses that if I didn't already have mds experience I wouldn't understand any of this so I'm glad I get to work on the mds already. Hopefully this cert will boost my career a little!
  7. by   sharlynn
    My employer paid for the 3 day certification course. I passed the regular MDS part, but failed Medicare. The instructor actually said "I can tell those of you who only do MDS by the glazed look in your eyes right now". Needless to say, she was mot very helpful. Certification is not required by my company, so I am not inclined to have them waste more money!
  8. by   kdhnursern
    Just passed my last AANAC test last night and can' wait to get my certificate. My company paid for the 3 day course, too, and I took the tests online. I think this was well worth their money. It's good to see the "whole picture".