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After reading numerous things on why people don't get hired. I figured it must be my credit report. After getting laid off in 07, well life wasn't grand for me. After no one would hire me, because my... Read More

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    Oh I don't want to make anyone feel that they can't get a job in this field. I have friends who are luckier than I, people have tried helping me, I have gone to my college to have career counseling, etc. I wasn't getting anywhere. I just wanted a career helping people, but maybe this wasn't it or meant to be. Things always happen for a reason.

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    Too bad your search didn't go the way you wanted, but that seems to be par for the course these days. You are right though - things do happen for a reason. This job market is as tight as it's ever been and because the hospitals have the ability right now to be highly selective, the nurses being hired for the types of positions you seem to be looking for are those who are demonstratively the BEST candidates (ie experience, BSN, MSN, etc.). Like hundreds of nurses in the area, you don't fit that profile. That's the reason. Everyone is welcome to their opinoion, of course, but your attitude that, if not for a litany of factors that "weren't your fault", you'd have the Boston area hospital job that fits your narrow exapections, is not realistic, and I feel it is fairly insensitive to those of us also doing our best to find our way in this job market. I wish you luck on whatever path you choose to pursue.
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    Just a note that my expectations were from months ago and I have taken the advice that I received from it since then. No where did I say I was looking in Boston, nor do I even live close to there. The one nursing home I went too was paying particularly low and if said how much you would agree. So I wasn't saying I didn't want to go back into LTC. But, according to the Terms of Services you shouldn't name company names. So I didn't care where I would work. From the smell of the place you wouldn't work there either.

    Thanks for your input though.

    I realized that I need to stop posting in here, because things change from day to day, and I not everyone is going to agree with you or know where you are coming from. I posted this here for advice and maybe someone is feeling so negative they can read it and get some input on it. The posters left enough information that sunk in. Maybe it will teach them not to post how you really feel at the moment, because you will offend someone somehow.

    If you can't find anything, look in the phone book, Google in your area, network with nursing friends, etc. I can tell you my friends that work in the hospitals in my area say "they aren't hiring externally right now so it isn't you.". I found it was true when I went on websites and see a few Internal apps only. My mentor gave me another place to go before giving up. She thought they would only offer me Per Diem, which at that point I did not care I was looking for anything.

    But, they offered me something better and what I never expected. Good things come to those who wait and someone felt that my experience was excellent and that I do FIT the profile. They needed it and the Director of Nurses said, "Most of our nurses here just don't have the clinical skills a nurse in the hospital gets".

    Take that or leave it. I am not coming back on here and deleted my subscriptions so I don't get an notifications. So you can tell me I am insensitive and whatever else you like. When you do so much, work so hard, etc. it gets kind of depressing when you can't find anything, not just what you want. Sorry for being such a Debby Downer, but this is a forum where you post and I vented.

    Good luck with whatever you do and don't let anyone tell you otherwise, especially in a forum.
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    I don't understand what it is your employers business what your credit score is.
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    My credit was ruined 9 years ago by a fatal illness of my spouse. I tried to talk to creditors to no avail when it first started. We went from two middle incomes to me being the only one making money. My spouse was ill for 9 months prior to his death. Insurance did not begin to cover things. I had to divest of everything, savings, retirement, investments, etc for him to qualify for LTC *(had he not died at 52 yoa he would have beein in LTC for the remainder of his life). I am FINALLY, getting back on an even keel and able to start saving. However, I have multiple legal judgements. First time I went to court and explained my issues to the judge his response was, "I am sorry your husband died. You and He had these debts and they must be paid on their terms NOT your ability to pay. You have your income garnisihed". Some creditors took 50% others 25%. It was devestating and no fault of mine, but I paid the price. Bad enough I had the loss and grief, had to pay through the nose also.
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    So sorry to hear of everyone's troubles.

    I think after 7 years most negative reporting qualifies for removal from your credit report.

    Good luck.
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    wow what an eye opener. I didn't know that people did credit checks for employment. Maybe that makes sense in a bank where I am handling money and might be tempted to steal if broke. But in nursing. Give me a drug test, that I understand. I am going to be handling meds. but a credit check
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    Credit checks are primarily used to verify information given elsewhere on the application, such as previous addresses.
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    Quote from bellynursegurl
    Thanks so much for the reply. I kind of found out why. It seems the travel agency I worked for (not mentioning names) removed me from their system. Probably because I didn't want to travel anymore. So without references no one will hire me. I do have my tax return. But, who wants to spend the time to check it, when they can hire someone with references. I do have previous co-workers, managers, etc. But, they don't want that they want to talk to the company.

    I have entered myself back into college and will be switching careers while I work at all these agencies. I am apparently not good enough to have a home. Still here "you don't have enough experience" or "you have none at all". Not getting a BSN, because I feel I will just hear the same thing upon graduation.

    I was trying to be hopeful, but I gave up.
    I refuse to get a BSN....I tried couple of years ago but found it was a money making racket, in that all I was doing was research and writing papers all the time....I was already an RN so they focus on non nursing stuff....hated it....I found it boring and expensive. I know all about evidence based practice..don't need to spend thousands just for the letters BSN. Like you said if they are only hiring BSN then its their loss. BTW...I got a job at Tufts on med surg/tele floor.....with no BSN....but I did have two years of acute may want to work at an acute rehab like spaulding or sinai as a stepping stone....but the money was not great.
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