pay scale for boston RN's?

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    hi y'all-- looking for recent approximate pay rates for RN's with just under 5 years experience. it is difficult to find pay rate info for boston hospitals. do hospitals in the city pay more or less-- any info would be greatly appreciated.


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    Massachusetts nurses have enjoyed some of the highest salaries in the United States, which is typical of states with strong nurses unions. The average salary for a nurse in Massachusetts was $79,000 in 2008, up from $57,000 in 2003, and second only to California, said Judith Shindul-Rothschild, a nurse and professor at Boston College. Massachusetts nurses also enjoy some of the best working conditions in the country and are among the most highly educated, she said.

    Boston Globe 2/12/10
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    thanks pexmex. that's quite a jump in salary if this article is accurate. i also heard mass. is going to implement nurse/ pt ratios. anybody out there have any updates? i heard as early as summer of 2010..
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    I just read the article from the globe and i was outraged at the justification given to increasing the patient ratio for bedside nurses in boston. hire more ancillary staff to 'free up nurses from duties that take away from is BS. not all ancillary staff are created equal, and RN's will ALWAYS be chasing down food trays and the like! i really hope MA RN's stay strong and block this.

    coming from a teaching hospital with 5-6 REALLY SICK pts to each nurse is a nightmare.
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    After reading this article I really feel that I will never find a job as a new grad. Depressing for sure!

    Massachusetts is barely hiring experienced nurses, let alone newer ones
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    have you applied anywhere yet? if still in school can you work as a CNA? it seems that is
    how many new nurses get hired.
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    I have worked at a hospital on the north shore (MA) as a CNA for 5.5yrs, and they are not hiring new nurses. Even at nursing homes they are looking for experience.
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    i have some experience and i feel like doors are being shut left and right in boston and the surrounding towns. it's very disheartening
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    Any updates on this topic?
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    Quote from ivyleaf
    Any updates on this topic?
    What kind of updates are you looking for? Pay scales in Boston depends on a lot of things. Nurses at many Boston hospitals (basically all but MGH, Children's and BI) are represented by the MNA and their pay scales are determined by the union contract. A new grad at any of the union facilities makes more than I made as a nurse with nearly 5 years of experience at the non-union hospital I worked at. I am making significantly more than I ever made in the hospital now working in home health (like my check today was $600 more than it ever was working in the hospital). Nurses in Boston are well paid but the cost of living is also pretty high out here.
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