Northeastern accelerated nursing program

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    Hi everyone,
    I just got accepted into the MGH and Northeastern Accelerated Nursing and I decided to go to Northeastern. They were much better during the application process. I would like to get some feedback from people in both schools or at least at Northeastern. Thank you

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    Hi there! I know you posted this a little while ago but in case you were still wondering, I just started this program on Monday. Honestly, I am already super overwhelmed with all of the work but at the same time I love the program. The faculty and instructors that I've met so far seem really supportive and I love learning all of this new material. It really is so exciting to finally be starting. That being said, BRACE YOURSELF haha there really is no way of getting around the fact that an accelerated program is challenging. The most important thing to do is just try your absolute best remembering that it's just for 16 months. Try keep a positive attitude. Good luck! =)
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    I'm looking at NE for their accelerated BSN program. Do you know where they do their clinicals? Do you know where grads get jobs ... Do they all get jobs fairly quickly? What are their starting salaries?
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    Hi! How is the Northeastern accelerated program? I'm considering an accelerated BS to BSN.
    I'm concerned about job prospects. Where does NE place you for clinicals? Do all grads get good jobs quickly? What are the starting salaries ? Thanks
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    I'm planning to apply for the Fall '14 program and would be very interested in the same questions as elzabe. Also, I'd be interested in hearing how people feel about the in person vs. online program. I guess I'd also be interested in know how people funded the second bachelor's program since federal loans contribute so little. Thanks!
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    Hi oh_amy: did you ever get answers to these questions? I am deciding about Northeastern direct-entry or MGH direct-entry right now and have the same questions!!

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    Hi rshapi04,

    I'm also debating between NU traditional DEN and MGH IHP. I received an extension from MGH for the deposit, but have to pay in the next few days. Still waiting to hear from current students about the support given for finding preceptorships (specifically in the MGH program), as well as NU clinical placements. If anyone on this forum can speak to either that would be great!
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    Hi - I choose NU! I have some info on your questions if you want to chat. THose were the exact same questions I had for the two schools.
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    Rshapi04 - Yes definitely! Looks like I can't pm you. Can you message me your email?
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