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getting into roxbury community college nursing program

  1. 0 HI! i was wondering if someone could help me. I've applied for the nursing program at rcc for Jan 2011 and i'm doubtful if I have a chance of getting in. I have a gpa of 3.01 but my gpa for the pre-requisites is much higher. i got an overall score of 84.1% (89th percentile rank) on the teas with 82.5% in reading, 84.4% in math, 83.3% in science, and 85.5% in English. The program average was 74% with 86.9% (mean) in reading, 68.1% in math, 64.4% in science, and 75.4% in English. I'm just really worried because I didn't score higher than the program average on the reading. Does any one know if that'll hurt me a lot? What part of the teas do they look at the most? Plus I got a letter in the mail from them saying my application is incomplete because I didn't hand in the immunization form. It also said that I need to hand it in in order for them to accept me into the college. It ended with "we look forward to seeing you next semester". Does this mean I've been accepted but they're just waiting for me to hand the form in?
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    if you're talking about the rcc in roxbury, ma...then yes, they typically accept folks from all backgrounds and varying gpa's.

    get those records in, and best of everything.

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    thank u but i was asking if any one might know my chances of getting in
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    My application was complete and at the end of the letter it also said "look forward to seeing you next semester". I think it's just a form letter. I'm still waiting to hear from them either way.
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    I also applied for the part-time program, but I didn't get a letter confirming my application was received. I called the admissions office and spoke with a guy who said that they only sent out letters to those whose applications were incomplete. So who knows! But the person I spoke with said that we should hear "very soon"; he said they're trying to get the decision letters out by December.
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    Good Luck guys!..:heartbeat

    Im hoping for Fall 2011..
    Keep me posted.. and ONCE you are in there.. definitely send feedback. Im anxious, i've heard great things and really hope to get in.

    Again, Best of luck!
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    hey i called today and they said that the letters were mailed on friday have any of you gotten anything yet? I haven't
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    No, I haven't gotten anything yet, either...maybe tomorrow? Good luck!
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    Nothing here and I'm only a zip code away. Deep cleansing breaths...
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    Patiently waiting...I called on Monday and was told that the letters were sent out last week or are going to be sent out this week...then I called yesterday and asked if I could have my status over the phone and a woman in the health sciences dept. said "I don't know anything about any letters and I don't have a list." So I guess everyone has a different answer... hopefully before the week is over we will have an answer!!
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    Nothing in today's mail. By the way... it's not uncommon to get different answers from different people at RCC. I've gotten use to it. The professors are really good and have years of practical experience which is the reason I'm still there.
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    The letter came today, dated December 2nd and I got in!!! December 13th is orientation... ahhh.. that's like, next week. Classes begin on January 11th. I hope to see you there.
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    Got my acceptance letter today so hopefully you know too by now...