Cape Cod Nurses commuting to Boston?

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    I'm curious why you commute?

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    I was commuting because I moved and couldn't find work for about 3 months, but finally found something and left my job in Cambridge.
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    Is the pay a lot more in Boston vs Cape?
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    Yes.......especially the Union facilities
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    What about the Falmouth Hospital or Cape Cod Hospital? Do they pay well?
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    I knew a Nurse Practitioner who commuted every day from Sandwich to the Longwood Area. I'm quite certain it took her about 4 hours to get home on Friday afternoons in the summer. I also knew two girls who did it as RNs and if they worked weekends (2 days in a row), they slept in a hotel so as to not have to make the drive both days.

    I have lived and worked in Boston for 5 years and there is NO WAY I can imagine making that drive regularly. If I didn't live in the city, I wouldn't be working here. A friend recently (today) resigned her position at the non-union Boston hospital I used to work at to take a job at a community hospital on the South Shore... where she will be making 10% more, have a permanent night schedule (as opposed to rotating), pay less for benefits and nothing for parking.

    I have no idea what the hospitals in Falmouth and/or Hyannis pay and I would be willing to bet it's less than Boston hospitals... but you'd have to decide what's worth more to you. Money or quality of life. For me, spending 3-4 hrs/day in my car just getting to and from work and make a little extra money (which wouldn't make up for all the time lost) would not be worth it.
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    Surprisingly I took an NP job on the north shore although I live in Boston because the pay was better there.

    RN pay at the union hospitals in Boston was much better than outside of the city though.
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    Cape Cod Hospital is a union hospital.

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