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RocknRollYogaRn has 25 years experience and specializes in Case Management, Corrections, Home Care.

Born and raised in Massachusetts. Lived in Nevada for 17 years. I now live in Prescott Arizona.

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  1. MSN non-clinical to MSN clinical ANP

    I found a program that offers a certificate at Arizona State University. I am applying now hoping to start Summer 2019.
  2. MSN WGU to DNP AZU or another MSN?

    I graduated in July with a MSN in Leadership and Management from WGU. I want to go on to get a nurse practitioner certification at Arizona State University (AZU). I have some concerns because WGU did not grade in a typical fashion is was pass or fail...
  3. MSN non-clinical to MSN clinical ANP

    I graduated wiht a MSN in Leadership and Management in July 2018. I want to get a license /certification as an Adult/Gerontological Nurse Practitioner. My question is do I have to get a DNP? Or can I go back and take a year or so of classes that focu...
  4. Humana Telephonic Nurse 2 advice?

    I went ahead and completed the interview questions. They were mostly about general questions like- do you have a designated office space and high speed internet, why do you want to work here, what is the minimum salary you would take, etc.? The only ...
  5. Humana Telephonic Nurse 2 advice?

    I was given an invitation as of yesterday to take part in the interview process for Telephonic Nurse 2 working with the military division. I need to call in and record my answers to questions. I don't know what the questions are yet. Any useful advic...
  6. MSN leadership and NP

    I'm enrolled in the BSN to MSN leadership and management. I want to advance into management so for me I don't think it is a waste of time. My job is also paying for almost all of it too so that is a big incentive. I was thinking about going to get my...
  7. Anybody else starting in January 2016?
  8. WGU vs Ivy Tech (Indiana)

    I graduated from IVYTech South Bend in 1993 with my ASN RN. It was a great program.
  9. MSN through WGU - Any advice to get it as quickly as possible?

    I got into the MSN-leadership and management starting January 1. I was initially told I had to wait until April 2016 but I got lucky and got a spot sooner. Good luck with your studies. I look forward to this adventure and do hope I get a job I love a...
  10. RN Starting Salary Las Vegas

    Just an FYI from an old time nurse: I've been nursing 20 + years and I don't make that. I get to work from home, have every weekend and holiday off and work day time hours. I guess if I wanted to empty bed pans, insert Foleys, hang IV bags, etc all d...
  11. Unlv or nsc

    I graduated from NSC RN to BSN program in 2013. I would recommend. It was a good program.
  12. CCM CEU's for recertification?

    I passed the CCM last year. If I recall correctly, I have to get 60 CEU's before renewal at year 5?Where do you go to get your CEU's for recertification?
  13. Working for Anthem as a C.M.?

    I work for Amerigroup which is the Medicaid division of Anthem here in Nevada. I am a case manager. I work 100% from home. I think that the most helpful experience I bring to the job is my experiences in various settings over my 20+ years of nursing ...
  14. Wellpoint/Anthem BCBS phone interview

    I have been working as a case manager since 10/2014 for AMerigroup which is ANthem BLue Cross Blue Shield. I like my job a lot. But I have always wanted to work from home. Yes, it is about the numbers but there are so many other benefits. One of the ...
  15. Obtaining an Oregon State License by Endorsement

    Good Job! I hope you enjoy your new job.