Young new grad relocating to Baltimore

  1. Hi All! I've posted about this before, but no luck in responses, so thought I'd try again.

    I just accepted a position at Hopkins. I'm a very young, single, new graduate who will be relocating... I literally know NO one in the area. I'm hoping to find a decent place that is close enough to JHH, fairly quiet and safe, but still close enough I can go out for happy hour/downtown on the weekends. I have a vehicle so driving a short distance to the hospital is not a problem.

    Anyone familiar with the area.... please help!!! I've gathered up some neighborhoods: Fells Point, Canton, Federal Hills? Yay or nay?
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  3. by   kanling
    Those downtown neighborhoods will be expensive. You can hunt online to find out how much.

    You might consider an apartment in Owings Mills or Pikesville for a year until you get familiar with the city. Baltimore's only subway line goes out there directly from Hopkins and there are a lot of apartment complexes.
  4. by   missy32
    My younger brother lives in Maryland and loves it lots to do for young people. He's lived in Millersville and also Hanover both are really nice and close to the city.
  5. by   gmk1322

    I am a current Accelerated BSN student here at Hopkins and may be able to help a little. Just to give you a heads up, we learned in orientation this week that there is no on campus parking in the garages surrounding the hospital (which goes for somewhere in the $120- $160/month range). There is 'satellite' lot parking available for $70/month which is about 1-2 miles from the hospital and you ride a shuttle to the campus. There is very, very limited street parking but then you have to run the risk of vandalism, etc... However, if you are working nights or weekends you can park in the garages for free!

    Onto your question, you mentioned a couple of areas: Fells, Canton, and Fed Hill. Now these are all my opinions...

    Fells: Older area, still going through gentrification but would be my ideal spot to live. There are tons of row houses and the bar/weekend scene has many, many options with a tendency toward a more chill, mixed crowd. There is a pretty good farmers market on Saturdays in the warmer months. A lot of street parking because the older homes don't have garages and depending on how close you live to Broadway you can catch the CCC green line for free which stops right in front of 'the dome' (the old hospital). Has both 'good' and 'bad' areas so its essential to get the right location. The closer you are to Butcher's or Washington Hills means closer to the hospital and much more walkable if you choose to do so.

    Canton: Way more newer than Fells and much more upscale IMHO. More $$$ too versus Fells. There are a lot more chain type restaurants and places here too, but it borders right on Fells so it is easy to get to and from both areas. A lot more newer construction and that is why the prices are a little higher. Very little in the way of public transportation in Canton to the hospital, basically the MTA buses. Also probably a tad safer overall than Fells which can be a tad sketchy unless you are right on the water front where there are lots of tourists. Canton is probably the most 'yuppy' of the areas but has a pretty good nightlife with tons of bars around Canton Square (along with possible Michael phelps sightings since he lives in the area).

    Fed Hill: I am least familiar with this area but from what I've heard its the most "brah-y" (aka fratty) area of Baltimore, lol. Lots of bars and restaurants too but is the furthest from the hospital. You can always buy a monthly metro pass and take the subway into the hospital but you would need to take the CCC purple line to Charles station first.

    Also consider Mt. Vernon too. It is a lot more hipster than the other three areas and has an amazing art scene. In addition, you get the mix of old and new construction that is going on. There is the CCC purple line you can take to the Metro which has a stop in the basement of the hospital and is very convenient especially when it is cold outside. Also there is the JHU shuttles which are free for the staff to/from the hospital all the way up to Charles Village via Charles St.

    FYI I live in the 'student housing' right up the street from the hospital so I usually walk to class and the hospital whenever I need. It has some drawbacks but the proximity kinda clears the table here. Good luck with your search and new job. I don't have access to messaging since my account was deleted due to inactivity but pm if you want and I can give you my email if you have any other questions about the hospital or Baltimore.

    Happy New Year!
  6. by   queserasera
    Living in the baltimore metro area my whole life I would suggest not living in the city for 2 reasons. 1. It's not the safest of places 2. The "safer" more gentrified neighborhoods will cost you an arm and a leg!

    I'd check out surrounding areas. I live in Severna Park currently which is a really beautiful place.
    Catonsville, Ellicot City, Glen Burnie, Hanover, Pasadena are all decent places (maybe not the classiest) and resonable for maryland housing cost.

    If you are going to the city, the other poster hit the nail on the head for neighborhoods, I lived in Canton for years and loved it!
  7. by   all517
    Thank you guys SO much! Beyond helpful. Can't wait to make the move :-)
  8. by   LaurieEllen1973
    If I was in your shoes, I would say Fells Point all the way. You can find a more diverse, edgy, vibrant neighborhood. To me, the suburbs equate to long commute, parking issue at work, lack of neighborhood feel, inability to walk anywhere. In Fells, you will have to use sense and caution walking around at night, but loads of people do it everyday. And you would be literally next-door to work. I'm envious of the possibilities for you! Good luck.
  9. by   bcandygurl
    I'm currently looking for a new roommate..I work at Hopkins and I take the subway into's about a 20 min drive depending on traffic..22 min subway ride $575 / 1084ft² - Seeking Female roommate ONLY - 2 br/2ba apt-Available Now!! (Ellicott City)
  10. by   all517
    Quote from bcandygurl
    I'm currently looking for a new roommate..I work at Hopkins and I take the subway into's about a 20 min drive depending on traffic..22 min subway ride $575 / 1084ft² - Seeking Female roommate ONLY - 2 br/2ba apt-Available Now!! (Ellicott City)
    Hi bcandygurl, I actually signed on a place in Federal Hill today! Thanks all for the advice! 😊
  11. by   machu12
    Hi all517!

    Right now I'm in the same position you were, a new RN moving to MD knowing absolutely no one and being unfamiliar with the area. Now that you've been there a little while, I was wondering how you like your choice of Federal Hill and the city overall.

    I took a job at Sinai and so have been looking near Hampden, Mt. Washington, and Ellicott City. I'd appreciate any advice you can give me about the whole process! Thanks
  12. by   Healthywealthy
    My advice to you is find housing around the hospital. Can you imagine doing a double shift and driving for another hour to get home?
    All other posts esp laurie ellen had the best advices.

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